Many people know that problem solving and compromise in the face of conflict is a part of their job every day that they go to work. This is true whether one drives the bus or sits as a judge in a courtroom. Some professions and careers require a little more expertise and technique when it comes to putting out fires than others do. For example, a classroom instructor, no matter the level of grade of students they instruct, has to employ a certain amount of diplomacy in order to reach their goals. The same can be said for ambassadors between nations, and one such ambassador who knows this truth as a matter of fact is Daniel Taub.


There are several examples of his smooth operating style, while achieving incredible goals on both political and social fronts, proving more than a match for his opponents. He has bragging rights to experiences such as taking meetings with the Queen of England while discussing his personal feelings on international matters. And then, there are times when not only is his discretion the greater part of valor but courage as well. Just one such example is a visit to meet with hosts in a city, Bradford, where the Israeli people and their beliefs are not exactly welcomed by government figures. Learn more:


In this example there’s not so much a threat of bodily harm or arrest warrants issued and guards waiting at the Gallows for Taub. But, it’s not exactly a completely comfortable feeling visiting a city where key officials and quite public figures are calling for a boycott of tourist and commerce from your very nation-state. However, situations like this are what Daniel knows how to handle with supreme calm and cool.


While others may be creating a spectacle of themselves while diminishing the good name of the Israeli people and their state, Daniel remains in control and advocates for peaceful communications. It’s all about the image one represents and the people who depend on absolute constructive political behavior, when you are diplomat such as he is. And, the real fact of the matter is that such unwelcoming sentiments and surroundings are least of the most critically crisis laden situations Daniel has on his resume. His experiences include such service as a combat Medic in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as well as serving as a reserves officer in the Israeli Foreign Ministry. So, it takes more than a few harsh words and dirty stairs to make him back down or stop trying for the nation of Israel.