In an interview with Rolling Stone, 30 Seconds to Mars front man Jared Leto talked about the band’s soon to be released album, America. Speaking on the band’s history, Leto revealed that the album would be the rock group’s most electronic album yet. Specifically, Leto told of how the album had been influenced by classic electronic groups, notably Depeche Mode, The Who, and Pink Floyd. While the style for America is mostly electronic, Leto also told of how the group collaborated with artists from other genres as well, including A$AP Rocky and Halsey, who provide pop and hip-hop influences on the album.

Exploring the concept of the album, Leto told of how the band sought to examine the idea of the American dream. More pointedly, the band gave their impression of the state of the American dream during the presidency of Donald Trump, exploring disunity in the country. During the interview, Leto further expressed the concerns of the international community on the present course of the nation. While trying not to make an overtly political album, Leto noted that the record’s first single, “Walk on Water,” was a call for unity in the nation.

Leto also spoke about the band’s tour to support America, entitled the Monolith Tour. Having started in Switzerland in March, the band named the tour Monolith for the sculpture they have at each show. Looking to the future, Leto also announced that he is working on a special documentary about America. Currently in the editing phase, the documentary will feature clips and interviews with people from every state and was filmed in its entirety last Fourth of July. America is scheduled for release on Interscope, 30 Seconds to Mars’ new record label, on April 6.