Fans of Johnny Cash are in for a treat when a collection of the well-loved crooner’s lyrical words are released as a compilation of new songs. The Friday release of “Johnny Cash: Forever Words” is sure to delight Cash’s fans around the world. The album features a compilation of original songs set to unpublished poetry and letters written by Cash and performed by a myriad of self-proclaimed Cash fans, including Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Alison Krauss, Brad Paisley, Chris Cornell, John Mellencamp, and Elvis Costello. This eclectic group of musical artists contributes to a symphony of varied compilations ranging from bluegrass gospel to ambient mood music.

As the first person ever to be inducted into both the rock ’n’ roll and country music halls of fame, Cash has always been appealing to a broad fan base and this selection of some of his most poignant words will reverberate with many people as well. The 16-track album was produced by Sony Legacy and included input from Cash’s son, John Carter Cash, as well as Sony’s Steve Berkowitz. For Cash’s son, the compilation was a vehicle to bring him closer to his departed father. “My father wasn’t here to sing those melodies, but they were there. I heard his voice again — that, and I believed there were artists out there who loved him who could do his words justice,” said Cash.

The collaborative artists speak of the hope offered by Cash’s newly unearthed words. Even from the grave, Cash is gifting his loved ones and fans with advice and stories of beauty. The majority of the album was recorded at the Cash Cabin Studio, Cash himself built in Hendersonville, Tennessee.