In a world of easily available information, studios have found a way to hide certain bits and pieces of information from audiences. Among the studios that have managed to hide information from audiences is Marvel with Infinity War. Fox has also managed to hide a crucial plot element in Deadpool 2 which is Juggernaut. Until the release of the film, people did not know for certain that the Juggernaut was going to be in the film. While some people may have speculated, there has not even been an image of the massive character released online. Therefore, his appearance might’ve been a welcome surprise.


Not only did Deadpool 2 satisfy audiences with the inclusion of Juggernaut, but it has also given them something fun to look at with the Juggernaut vs Colossus fight. The interesting thing about this movie was that there was a similar campaign to avoid spoiling the film. Ryan Reynolds was a large part of the campaign. Interestingly enough, he did spoil the ending of the film and yet at the same time, didn’t. He used his Deadpool sense of humor to spoil it. Another interesting thing is that Deadpool, the character lets people know at the beginning of the film that he is going to die in the movie.


One thing that is certain is that studios are getting really good about hiding important pieces of information from the audience so that they will be able to enjoy the film and have the intended experience. They are taking extensive approaches to avoid spoiling the film. This includes fake scripts. This is nothing new. For one thing, The Empire Strikes Back used fake lines in order to avoid giving away a major reveal.