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Justice League and the Alternate Versions Controversy

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By now, it is likely that a large majority of people have heard about an alternate version of Justice League, especially with the final version turning out to be a mess in almost every aspect of the presentation. One issue that people have with the film is that there are a ton of shots that appeared in the trailer that do not appear in the film. While it is very common for a film to have a couple of shots in the trailer that do not show up anywhere in the final cut. Another common thing is there to be an alternate version of the shot.

Justice League has tons of shots and hints of other plot points that do not show up in the film. One of the reasons that this occurred is that Zack Snyder has left because of a tragedy in his family. Joss Whedon has taken over and has shot some scenes. It is possible that he has filmed enough to make his own movie. The only issue is that the studios wanted to do what they can to put together Joss’s and Zack’s shots to make one movie. This has resulted in a disaster.

As of right now, it is unclear what Zack Snyder’s version of the Justice League film would’ve been or if it is even going to see the light of day. A similar thing happened with David Ayer’s Suicide Squad which has gone through many different edits until they have settled on a final edit of the film with a lot of the scenes that appeared in the trailer being cut out. While there has been an extended edition of Suicide Squad released, a lot of the missing scenes have been left out and the earlier darker version of the film has yet to be seen.

The Completeness of Zack Snyder’s Version of Justice League

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There has been a lot of talk of the Zack Snyder cut of the disastrous Justice League. Many people who were involved in the project have stated that there is not enough footage or progress for the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League. However, there are reports that the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League is a lot more complete than may be realized. After all, there was news for reshoots. At the same time, Zack Snyder has taken time off of the editing process which suggests that every bit of footage needed for a complete film has been shot.

Joss Wheden has added tons of shots and the studio has cut tons of the shots that have been featured in trailers. While it is common for trailers to have at least one shot not end up in the final film, it is actually negligible in cases. They tend to be different takes of a similar scene. Sometimes, the same scene is shown in the film, but edited in a different way. However, the trailers for Justice League show a much different film given that there have been tons of scenes in the trailer that have not wound up in the final film.

This isn’t the first time that the DC movies have been chopped up to the point of being a mess. Batman V Superman is known for having a choppy release. However, a director’s cut has been released with more scenes and edited in a way that makes the film a lot better. Suicide Squad did not fare as well. While there has been roomers of deleted scenes and more than 5 different versions of the film, the only version other than the theatrical version that has been released is just a slightly extended version of the theatrical version.

The Possibility of Tim Burton’s Batman Being Canon To Justice League and Current DCEU

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As of right now, there have been probably at least as many interpretations of Batman on the big screen as there have been in comic books. However, there is something interesting that is happening with Batman. There is discussion as to whether or not the Tim Burton Batman movies are connected to the DCEU. There are a few ideas that are being pushed forth in support of the theory. One idea is the Joker. Even though the Joker died in Tim Burton’s Batman (even though some say that in Batman Returns there is a newspaper headline that says that the Joker’s body disappears), there is the idea of there being more than one Joker.

Perhaps one thing that has sparked the idea that there is a connection between Tim Burton’s universe and the DCEU is Danny Elfman’s use of the Batman Theme from Tim Burton’s Batman movies. However, there has been a lot of effort to establish that this Batman is in a universe that is separate from the other Batman universe. As a matter of fact, Hans Zimmer, who was involved in Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy has taken the time to think about a new theme for Batman that is nothing like the themes that were used in Nolan’s movie. Danny Elfman has decided to use the old Batman theme.

One reason that Danny Elfman has used is that just because it is a new Batman does not mean that the theme has to change. Elfman has also said that the need to use a new theme for a rebooted version of a franchise is egotistical. Interestingly enough, the themes that Danny Elfman used have not been well received. Many people are petitioning for a Zack Snyder edition of the film with Junkie XL’s score.