One thing that people are going to remember the most about the X-Men films is Wolverine. One of the reasons is that he is one of the characters that looked the most like their comic book counterparts. However, one thing about this is that Wolverine was not always going to look like that in the films. The producers were afraid of making the movie look silly (which is evident in the way the characters were all dressed in black like in The Matrix of the year prior). The one person that has stepped in and made sure that Wolverine resembles the comic book character is Kevin Feige, who is responsible for the MCU.

Back when the X-Men movies were made, people were very afraid of looking ridiculous. This does provide an explanation as to why Wolverine was never shown in his iconic yellow costume. However, Wolverine has looked pretty much like his comic counterpart. Throughout the movies, Wolverine’s hair style has evolved. For one thing, his hair seemed to get shorter, especially in the films that came after X-Men Origins Wolverine which shows a large haired Wolverine with a non apparent “point”. In The Wolverine, the film starts with Wolverine having very long hair which is cut short at the beginning of the second act to bring out the signature look with shorter hair.

By the time they got to Logan, the trademark hair is pretty much gone with only a slight hint of it. One thing that the recent comic book movies have shown is that it is possible to replicate the comic book look without moving into ridiculous territory. Even the DCEU has brought forward a Batman suit that is very similar to the comic book version of the suit compared to the black armor of the movies and made it look cool.