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Killmonger’s Fate Never Given a Second Thought In Black Panther Film

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People who have seen Black Panther know Killmonger’s fate in the film. However, there is one thing that may come as a surprise to people. It is that the creative team behind the film have never considered giving Killmonger a different fate. One of the most interesting things about the MCU is that it is not known for having strong memorable villains. The only villains that are memorable are Loki, The Winter Soldier, and Killmonger. Two of them have lived on to become new protagonists. Killmonger has suffered a different fate leaving the audience with a haunting line.

One of the best things about Killmonger is that he is not the typical villain. Instead, he is simply against the ways of Wakanda which has conducted itself as a separatist culture. Killmonger was not only angry that his father was killed and he was abandoned by his own, but that he identifies with the people who have suffered simply because of Wakanda’s way of abandonment. Therefore, when he had the chance, his goal was to bring forth all of the technology from Wakanda as a means of overthrowing all of the oppressors. In the end, his intentions were noble to the point that T’Challa has decided in the end to honor Killmonger.

One thing about Killmonger’s death is that it was always planned from the first draft. One thing that was communicated with his death is that T’Challa and Killmonger could not coexist. For one thing, it was not just the philosophical differences they were having to deal with, it was the methodical differences as well. Another thing to consider is that Killmonger was too far gone to change.

Kitty Pryde X-Men Spinoff Reportedly in the Works

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New developments in the world of film, courtesy of Screen Rant, report that a new film starring X-Men favorite Kitty Pryde might be in development with Deadpool director Tim Miller taking the reigns.

In its bid to further the X-Men film franchise beyond the confines of the mainline series, Fox has announced several new projects it is looking into creating. Hoping to follow the breakout success of both Deadpool and Logan, these new films would follow singular characters from the X-Men stable of characters on their own adventures, potentially with little to do with the mainline film series in a similar vein to their predecessors.

Both The New Mutants and Deadpool 2 have already been announced and, according to reports, are closed to finished, with X-Force, Gambit, and Multiple Man movies also on the horizon. Finally, news of a film following X-Men member Shadowcat, also known as Kitty Pryde, is in development.

Though not as well known as other members of the team like Wolverine or Cyclops, Kitty remains one of the most popular characters among fans of the comics and cartoons, playing a major role in several series and appearing in the main X-Men films portrayed by actress Ellen Page. While it’s not clear whether or not she would reprise the role once again for the solo film, it’s at least as likely Fox may recast the character similar to other members of the team in more recent films.

The most obvious issue with the film’s future lies in the recent buyout of Fox’s movie division by Disney. As such, it’s unclear whether or not this new X-Men film would need to conform to the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or even if the plans will end up falling through in the wake of the merger. That being said, given the massive popularity of the X-Men brand and Marvel’s eagerness to make use of it, we can be certain Kitty will appear in new adventures soon enough, whether they be a solo movie or otherwise.