Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is a Criminal Lawyer who believes in building his community. He has been in law since he was 15 and is being awarded for his efforts to grow his community and bring justice to criminals and such. The auditorium in which he received his award is named after him. His education and experience has led him the position of judge and has gained him respect from his community. His commitment to law is immeasurable and everyone was happy he received such an award.


He has achieved several degrees in law and is teaching at PUC where he earned most of those degrees. His tenacity for learning new things and keeping up to date are of utmost importance to him. Acquiring knowledge and learning is why he teaches. It keeps him learning and wanting to learn more and more. Law doesn’t change too much however, it does have trends and new cases to add to the practices.


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is also a writer. With over 40 articles and 13 books his vast knowledge is shared in these books and articles. Ricardo Sayeg, Lawyer and tenured Professor at PUC said of him that he is a good man, prestigious and brings great pride to his state and country.


Marco Antonio da Silva was very grateful to be honored and receive such an award. He was grateful and very proud of his family and friends who have helped him along the way and have been supportive and helpful of his education and assisting in fulfilling his dreams. He also thanked the bank and others financial investors for the backing of the auditorium. Many people were involved with the designing, building, and safety of the auditorium. He made special thanks to his family, wife and children for always supporting him and being there through everything.