Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have known each other for years, and sources close to them say that they have been in love for nine years now. They have had some rocky patches over time, and sources say that some of these rocky patches have been related to family issues.

All of that seems to be old news now, and the two are both wearing new rings on their fingers and are now engaged. They were engaged once before, but they called the engagement off in 2013 and split up. Even though they got back together in 2016, they have only recently admitted that their engagement is back on.

Many fans are hoping for details, but unfortunately, both Miley and Liam are being a little bit secretive about their plans. Although they admit that they are engaged and are planning on getting married sometime in the near future, no one is actually sure of when this is supposed to happen.

This doesn’t seem to mean that there is any type of trouble in Paradise, however. The two have been spotted and photographed spending a lot of time with one another lately, including at the Vanity Fairs Oscars party. They joke that people won’t believe that they are actually married at all when they finally do tie the knot, due partly to their tumultuous, rocky past, but the two are committed to one another and taking the next step in their relationship.

Since neither is really looking to spill the beans right now, though, it looks like fans are just going to have to wait before they find out more about the upcoming wedding between these two celebrities.