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SteelSeries Can’t Get Enough in a Recent NewsWatch TV Review

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For companies as big as SteelSeries, it can be a challenge to have your products displayed accurately and positively. Tori Pugliese, the Senior Director and of Marketing, recently discussed the experience SteelSeries had with NewsWatch TV in an interview posted on One of the main comments that Pugliese had to say about the hardworking television series is that they were very helpful throughout her entire experience. She explained that they also demonstrated a level of knowledge about the public relations process that she greatly admired. The NewsWatch team was able to give potential SteelSeries customers information in a language that they could understand. Pugliese explains that she was also very pleased with how seamless the entire process was when working with NewsWatch. She felt as though the positive experience was indicative of a long and happy partnership between SteelSeries and NewsWatch TV.


In addition to the review from Pugliese, there are also a variety of other reviews about NewsWatch’s services on their website at While there, consumers can take time to learn about exciting new products not only in the tech industry, but also in health, beauty, fashion, medicine, and a variety of other subjects. NewsWatch makes it their priority to remain a well-rounded source of information by providing a plethora of material on different subject matters.


To catch a NewsWatch program, consumers can tune into their 30-minute show on the AMC and ION Network. The award-winning programming has been providing comprehensive information to its viewers since it aired in 1990. Viewers will find that the hosts present a variety of information in a tone that is direct and engaging. The team has also welcomed several well-known celebrities on their show this year. This high-quality delivery is but one factor in the multitudes that make NewsWatch TV the best source of breaking product news.


The Commitment To Good Health

Posted on by is fully committed to providing information on ways to improve your health. They believe that health comes from within the body. Certainly, good health begins with the type of foods placed within the body. Their belief is that with proper guidance and eating the right foods, one is able to achieve optimum health. Today, there are a wide variety of people that are living the cleanse lifestyle. They’ve also included tasty recipes that are very appropriate for the full body cleanse process. Here are a few recipes to consider.

Raw Brownies & Strawberries
This is a full body cleanse approved recipe that is provided by It includes all the proper daily nutrition for a healthy diet and is gluten free. In fact, the recipe is thought to provide the same amount of nutrients that are in several very popular snack bars that people consume. The recipe includes walnuts, flax seeds, coconut chunks, prunes, carob powder, coconut oil, and special seasonings. Simply place in a food processor to mix and form into balls and place in a brownie pan and refrigerate.

Tomato Herb Dressing
This is a great dressing for anyone that is trying to eat healthy nutritional meals while still trying to lose weight. The dressing provides just the right amount of vegetables and roughage required to stay health. Key ingredients are chopped tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, Italian seasoning.  It was also recommended in News One’s story about Fit!Live!Win! Spring Cleaning For Your Body With The 20-Day Dherbs Cleanse

Detox Super Salad
This is a great salad for people that would like to add more vegetables to their daily menu. This is a perfect addition to living the Dherbs lifestyle. In fact, the salad is filled with Dherbs detox superfoods that include broccoli, tangerines, walnuts, avocados, pomegranates, and olive oil.

These are just a few of the wonderful recipes that are available on the website that are full body cleanse approved.  There are more recipes being updated on their official Tumblr page, or you can read some Yelp reviews to get a feel for what real users think about this program.

Magnises Gets People Into Events

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The world is full of situations where the outsider is looking in. Among these situations is the club, the business event, and plenty of other events. Fortunately, there is a company that specializes in helping people get in so that they could experience the fun. This place is called Magnises. Among the groups that Magnises works with is working millennials. These are the people that are given the majority of the attention. For one thing, the millennials have a lot of influence in business. Therefore, it is important for them to have a way to achieve their goals so that they can create jobs for people.

One thing that many working millennials need is assistance. Magnises provides this for young professionals. Not only can young professionals get passes to events, but they can also build a network. This is so that they can help each other build their businesses or pursue other goals.

Magnesis also allows people to attend special events. There are a lot of cultural events that will allow people to get a look at what is up and coming. This allows young professionals to stay ahead of the herd.

Among the events that young professionals could attend with Magnises are fashion shows. There are fashion shows for both men and women. This allows the professionals to look at the upcoming fashion trends. They have the option of enjoying these trends. For one thing, professionals in the fashion industry could also buy products from the designers. Magnises allows professionals to live impressive lives among their peers.

The website offers a look at all of the events that are coming up. They also allow people to look at some of the events that have already taken place. This would encourage people to sign up for the services and take advantage of what they have to offer.