Logic released a new single on February 22 which is his first since the release of his breakthrough album “Everybody” in 2017. The album included the social awareness song “1-800-273-8255” which was an emotionally charged single that was to support suicide prevention. It included collaborations with DJ Kahlid and Alessia Cara.

The Grammy-nominated singer has now released “44 More” that has a different vibe which includes an 808 beat that is mixed with raps about being superior as an artist than Katy Perry and Harry Styles. The fast-paced lyrics include a rap where he says, “Talk all you want, we are not the same…Step in the spot, now they know the name…sold more albums my first week than Harry Styles and Katy Perry.”

As reported by Nielsen Music, the sales of “Everybody” amounted to 196,000 copies when it debuted whereas the sales from the self-titled Harry Styles’ album debuted with 193,000, and Katy Perry debuted with 162,000 for the album “Witness”. Logic’s release was also named as number one with Billboard 200 with 247,000 equivalent album units earned which was his first ever score on the chart.

Logic, born Robert Bryson Hall from Gaithersburg, Maryland, was nominated in 2018 for a Grammy Award for Song of The Year and Best Music Video. He performed the single “1-800-273-8255” at the Grammy’s with a stage full of suicide survivors as well as family members of those who committed suicide. The song was certified as triple platinum according to the Recording Industry Association of America.

In 2017, Logic joined collaborations with Metallica, Krist Novoselic (former bassist for Nirvana), and Halsey, to form a mental health awareness campaign called “I’m Listening”. He’s been parodied on South Park which he takes in stride as a humorous gesture but reinforces that his commitment to mental health is nothing to joke about.