Marvel Comics is launching a new series, Avengers: Back to Basics as a Comixology Original. It will be an attempt to recapture the classic superhero feel that many feel has been lost in the company’s comic stories, but filtered through modern eyes—specifically through those of Kamala Khan, the modern Ms. Marvel.

In recent years, even as they become famous in the movies, Marvel has sidelined many of its classic heroes like Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Thor Odinson. This has largely been a push for greater diversity, with new or reimagined characters like Riri Williams (a black teenage girl), Amadeus Cho (an Asian teeanger) and Jane Foster (a woman) taking their places.

However, many feel that these replacements have been less developed and interesting than their predecessors, and that replacing the protagonists damages the stories and their mythologies. Sales have dropped steadily over the years, and Marvel is currently starting an initiative to bring the old characters back while giving the legacy characters new roles.

In that regard, Avengers: Back to Basics is a good fusion of the two approaches. These are modernized versions of classic stories with the original heroes, but, according to the preview pages that are current out, they are being watched in virtual reality by Kamala Khan, a fangirl turned superheroine who is trying to learn from her predecessors. In this way, Marvel seems to be trying to bring older and new fans together while making a commentary on how much the latter owe to the former.

The comic will be biweekly and only available digitally from Comixology. It will premiere on March 7, 2018, and seems to be told in two-part story arcs. The first, as we see, will have Thor, the Hulk and Iron Man deal with Ragnarok.