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Marvel Has Eyes on MASSIVE MCU Expansion

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If you are a devout fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we might have some good news for you. Right now, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is ramping up for the biggest release of the entire series: “Infinity War”. With the release of this epic film, Marvel will be entering one of the final phases of the current iteration of heroes. For reference, there have been 22 Marvel films released as part of the current MCU. According to the president of Marvel, Kevin Feige, this might just be the beginning.

Kevin Feige is starting to hit the press circuit in advance of the “Infinity War’ trailer launch. Feige revealed via an interview that things were just beginning. Feige said, “Marvel is 22 movies in, and we’ve got another 20 movies on the docket that are completely different from anything that’s come before — intentionally.” This news should be greeted by overwhelming positivity. Feige is likely one of the biggest reasons that Marvel has managed to succeed in the fashion that the company has. Feige’s ability to juggle directors, star talent and giant ensemble casts have been something to marvel at. This is particularly jarring when you compare the smoothness of the MCU to the struggles that have been falling upon their competitors, DC Comics.

Right now fans are locked in on the “Infinity War” announcement, but what they should really be looking toward is the 2019 release of “Avengers 4”. With the fate of so many characters up in the air, “Avengers 4” could become the end of an era- literally. Fans that don’t want the future of their heroes spoiled might do well to turn back here. Are you gone? Okay, there are already rumors abound that the “Avengers 4” film will feature Thanos doing the universe wipe that sealed his character as one of the most infamous villains of all time. The question is, does Marvel have the guts to pull that off?

Avengers 4 To Be a Finale to The MCU

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One thing that has happened that has proven to be innovative for comic book movies is Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. These films have brought forth not only some good characters, but some of the best interpretations of the characters. Among the many characters that are shining stars are Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Spider-Man. However, given that the actors that have been playing the founding characters of the MCU are aging, there has been plans for a finale. It turns out that Avengers 4 is going to be the finale for the MCU. In this finale, a lot of characters are going to move out of the way for a newer generation.

However, given that there are more movies being produced for the MCU and that there plenty of other characters to explore, it is likely that finale is more of a misnomer. While Avengers may serve as a finale for many of the founding characters in the MCU such as Tony Stark, there are likely to be new characters introduced. Among the characters that can be expected are The Fantastic Four, Blade, and others. Some of the characters that have been most recently introduced including Spider-Man and Black Panther may take center stage in the post Avengers 4 universe.

It is not certain as to how the departing characters are going to have their stories end. One of the rumors that are going around is that Tony Stark is going to die. However, he could easily retire with the potential to appear in a later film down the line. Either way, Avengers 3 and 4 are going to be some of the largest films in the MCU and they are going to be hard to top.