Perhaps, we need much more than drugs to speed up healing. Music has therapeutic effects that enhance healing. In the Ancient Greeks, music was recommended to people ailing from depression. However, at that time, the music available was that composed of the flute. Still, listening to the flute today brings a relaxing feeling that calms the nerves. Advanced research shows that music is a vital instrument when managing mood swings. The different genres apply in different scenarios. You can use an upbeat playlist for a situation that needs energy. Playing soothing melodies contribute to calmness. The cool tunes may find their use when one requires rest.

Joanna Yu, a musician, and entrepreneur, has seen firsthand the power of healing in music. At a young age, her father was diagnosed with a case of personality disorder. She would later notice that her father remained calm and relaxed when there was music playing in the background. The realization resulted in her quest to finding the best tunes to soothe her dad’s temper. As she narrates, music brought happiness and brightness on her dad’s face. It was not until 2017 when she came up with an app that helps people manage mental health and illnesses such as depression. The idea came to her while studying music therapy at the University of the Pacific. After conducting research, she found out that she could combine the music and mindfulness, and deliver it through an app. She came up with the music app,

Joanna’s goal is to see the app get utilized for the wellness of individuals. She has made the app accessible to millions. While developing and marketing the app, she partnered with a board of certified music therapists. They were instrumental in developing meditations unique to any specific issue including sleep problems and anxiety among many others.