The long running Mission Impossible film series has filmed yet another installment in the franchise. This film is now known as Mission Impossible: Fallout. The trailer appears to be another action packed installment in the franchise. Ethan Hunt is of course going on another mission in which he has to use his wits to survive his adversaries. From what it looks like, the film retains some of the visual flair of the first and fifth installment. At the same time, it shows some of the style and intensity of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th films with a call back to its most recent predecessor. From looking at the trailer, Mission Impossible looks like a greatest hits compilation of the best moments of the franchise with Ethan Hunt fighting and evading adversaries on a motorcycle for the third time in the franchise.

Tom Cruise returns to the role of Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible Fallout. Other returning actors are Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames and Michelle Monaghan. New actors in the Mission Impossible franchise include Henry Cavill, a mustached man with a very mean punch as demonstrated in a shot in the trailer. Henry Cavill’s involvement in this film has caused some issues in the production of Justice League which is perhaps similar to the dilemma that was depicted in The Disaster Artist. This has resulted in what would’ve been a scene of Superheroes facing a mustached Superman had they not digitally retouched the scenes. Other actors have appeared in superhero movies as well. There is Angela Basset who has recently appeared in Black Panther, and Alec Baldwin, who has played as The Shadow in the 1994 film. This all-star cast is looking to bring something great to the Mission Impossible film franchise.