The latest Mission Impossible movie has a new title. The name of the new Mission Impossible movie is Mission Impossible Fallout. This is the third movie in the subtitle trilogy. The first three Mission Impossible were just had numbers after the title with the exception of the first Mission Impossible film which is known as just Mission Impossible. The movie has went through different styles as it changed directors with each installment.

The director of the first installment was Brian DePalma, and it has kept true to the spirit of the first series. The second was directed by John Woo and it has gone into action hero territory with the main focus being on Tom Cruise’s character (not that much unlike the previous film). The third one was a little more close to the ensemble team effort directed by JJ Abrams who has gone on to direct Star Trek and Star Wars movies including the upcoming Star Wars episode IX. The fourth one would be directed by Brad Bird who would use IMAX cameras for certain scenes. The last one was directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who has gone on to direct this upcoming installment in the Mission Impossible series.

One thing about the fifth one is that it has brought the feel of the first film back to the franchise. Given that McQuarrie is back for this one, the feel is going to be very similar. Of course, there is the ensemble cast of Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames, and Simon Pegg along with some newcomers like Henry Cavill, the man of steel and Angela Basset. Mission Impossible: Fallout is set to be released on July of 2018.