Since Mitski’s breakout 2014 album Bury Me at Makeout Creek, she has gained intense notoriety, traveled around the world, and released plenty more music. However, this doesn’t mean that new Mitski music isn’t welcome—quite the opposite, actually. The more music she releases, the more detailed and intricate her music becomes, and there’s always room for more!

After the success of her last album, Puberty 2, Mitski will be releasing Be the Cowboy, an album of narrative-driven songs following a character she has created to combat the notion that women don’t have control in society.

The music video premiering with the announcement, a dark, brooding song called “Geyser”, features the turmoil that Mitski hints at with the new character. Seemingly stranded on a beach, the character fumbles around as the music becomes more intense, scrambling for a sense of direction. The grim clouds appear to direct her inward, and towards the end of the video she begins anxiously digging with her hands to get to the bottom of the sand before shoving her head in a small hole, giving up.

This distinct sense of inner turmoil is represented in a pounding rock texture, accented by the persistent rhythm of a hard rock drumkit. “I will be the one you need/I just can’t be without you,” Mitski sings as the song begins to get louder with added synthesizers and eventually come to a final, harsh downbeat.

None of these artistic decisions are out of the realm of Mitski, yet they feel incredibly new and a different direction for this constantly growing artists. We can’t wait to hear the new album!