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The Chainsmokers Take Over the Billboard Charts in Dance/Electronic

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Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall form the DJ/Dance duo the Chainsmokers, who have been taking the dance/electronic world by storm the past year with their debut full-length album “Memories…Do Not Open” a perennial #1 on Billboards Dance/Electronic Albums Chart. In the year the album has been out it has spent 34 non-consecutive weeks at the #1 spot on that chart, tying with “Demon Days” for the third most non-consistent weeks at #1.

“Memories…Do Not Open” has been knocked off the top spot by several new releases in the past year but always seems to come back. Musicians such as Odesza, Above & Beyond, Kygo, William Control and the deceased Avicii all have put out material that takes the #1 spot for a time but the Chainsmokers always make a comeback and retake the #1 spot. In fact the album hasn’t left the top 5 since its debut.

With “Demon Days” being 13 years old it seems like a lock that the Chainsmokers will soon have that #3 spot all to themselves. If the album keeps going strong, which by all acounts it still is, it may even be able to move up to the #2 or #1 slot. The Chainsmokers staying power doesn’t seem to be slowing down: They have released several charting singles since “Memories…Do Not Open” was released last year. They continue to collaborate with other artists and have even expanded their own roles in their music with Pall providing vocals for some singles.

The duo formed in New York City when Pall was looking for a new DJ partner. Introduced by mutual friend and manager Adam Alpert the two immediately hit it off. Taggart, who knew Alpert from working in an art museum, moved to New York from Maryland and the Chainsmokers as we know them were born. Aside from their album “Memories…Do Not Open” and their various singles the duo have also released two EPs, “Bouquet” and “Collage.” Both spent time on the Billboard charts. The duo say they are always working on new material and plan to put out another full-length album.

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New Releases for June 2018

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If you think the music releases in the month of May were crammed, then you haven’t experienced anything yet. Wait until you find out the singers planning to release new tracks in this coming month of June. Are you eager to know which track is set to be release and by who? Then stick around!

Kanye West (No Title Yet

  1. Kanye West (No Title Yet)

We all know how Kanye West is good at leaving his fans with anticipation and in suspense. He is set to release another album this year on Friday. That will be on June 1. Nevertheless, he has not yet revealed the title of the song but he put a photo of the surgeon who operated on his mother before she died on the cover. It is still hard to guess the title even with the hint. Well, that is the Kanye we all know of.

That is not all. Yeezy, will drop Kids See Ghosts, an album that has been anticipated for, with Kid Cudi on June 8. Nas is also set to be release his untitled album the week after, on June 15.

  1. Dizzy Wright

Dizzy Wright won’t be left behind too. The rap industry will be blessed with Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done by Drizzy Wright, this coming month.

  1. Wifisfuneral

Wifisfuneral is also among the artists that will heat up the month of June. He is set to release Ethernet Vol. 1 on June 8. The eagerly waited mixtape was to be released on MAY 25 but it was postponed because of clearance issues.

At the end of the day, all the artists set to release new tracks never disappoint. Therefore, we can’t wait for the release of these new tracks. It seems like the month of June will be all heated up. I am definitely excited, are you?


Eminem Fuels Nicki Minaj Dating Rumors

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One of the hottest stories in celebrity musicians news just got a little hotter. The rumor of rap industry titans Eminem and Nicki Minaj has been growing over the past couple days. Both parties have been relatively coy about the matter, neither denying it or offering a whole lot of elaboration. In a performance at the Boston Calling music festival, Eminem refused to quash the rumor.


In banter with the crowd, Eminem (birth name: Marshall Mathers), asked the crowd, “How many people in Boston want me to date Nicki Minaj.” After a jubilant response of approval, Eminem addressed Minaj, telling her that they would discuss it later.


While Eminem has been more low-key or avoidant about taking the matter seriously, Nicki Minaj has been seemingly more open about it. She’s eluded to dating Eminem (or a white man) on recent lyrics. When asked about her and Em’s relationship, she confirmed it to be true.


Given that Eminem offered no denial of his and Minaj’s relationship, it remains up in the air just how serious he is about it. It’s possible that they are dating, but that he isn’t ready to go public with it until there’s been more understanding of what sort of relationship they have. It’s also very likely that he would rather keep his personal life relatively guarded.


Minaj wouldn’t be the first high-profile relationship Eminem has been involved in. He has vowed that he was in a relationship with superstar Mariah Carey. He also had a well-known relationship to Kim Mathers, who he married and divorced twice. Whatever happens with him and Nicki Minaj, we can all but guarantee it will be interesting to watch.

A$AP’s New Record…”Purity”

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So far this year, three notable hip hop albums have come out: J. Cole, Pusha T and A$AP Rocky. Not to mention Cardi B’s album. It is – without a doubt – a big year here. We are still looking for two big names, Kanye and Drake. Of everything I have heard so far this year, however, one track in sticking heavy. And it is from the least likely source, A$AP Rocky.


MTV News writes about Rocky’s new album, Testing, here. And of that record, the track “Purity” is a standout. Why? Instrumentals and lyrics.




Regarding a song’s instrumentals, that is the first determiner of whether a song is worthy or not. From the very beginning of this song, one hears melodic strings, wind instruments and harmony from low voiced instruments. Putting such an instrumental arrangement together is essential for a good song to be great and memorable. This song starts with a lovely acoustic guitar heading into natural voices. Then the rapping starts with electric drums. At the first stanza’s end, high pitched voices come in to match the bass beats. Wonderful!




A lyric ain’t a lyric if you cannot remember it. This aspect of rap is known as memorable quotes. Can you remember the quote? Does that quote stick in your mind? If the rap and/or song is good, it should. Rocky has a number of memorable lyrics in this song. They are really good. They sounds very natural: “when Noah’s Ark broke” is one such lyric




Another aspect is who is featured on a song. In “Purity” Frank Ocean is the feature and he adds tremendously to the greatness of the record.


Overall, a very substantial entry into the pond of hip hop and rap. Even better if it is not a radio record and you can impress someone by knowing it without it being totally mainstream. That adds to one’s coolness.

Yeezy Keeping The Masses Guessing As Newest Album Drops On June 1st

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It’s Thursday, May 31st, and we still don’t have all the intricate pieces to Kanye West’s musical madness, but it is Yeezy season.


Here is what we know for sure:


Something is stirring, and it’s way out in Wyoming where the brilliant hip-hop star has been holed up.


An album listening party is happening on Thursday evening in Jackson Hole, reports Jewelry designer Yoon Ahn has been invited to the special RSVP event and shared the news with her fans at her Instagram Stories. Unfortunately, a prior commitment makes her unable to attend.


On Friday, June 1st, the second album from Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music in 2018 will drop. We still do not know the title, but it is his eighth studio album. Remember when West originally tried to create the album cover with a photo of the plastic surgeon who performed on his mother Donda before her untimely death at age 58?


The surgeon, Dr. Jan Adams, wasn’t buying it and declined permission, but he did make a positive statement to Kanye West. “I am impressed that you want to ‘forgive and stop hating’.”


If one does a little digging around Yeezy’s social media sites, the last entry he made on Twitter was on May 25th.


The post features a handwritten note signed by #King Push #Daytona (The Album) and Diddy. The script talks about a flawless hip-hop gem being both “classic and current.”


We understand that album number two is a 7-track piece. Then, Yeezy is putting out a joint album with Kid Cudi. That album will be named after their collaborative project, “Kids See Ghosts,” and it debuts on June 8th.


That’s not all, folks; don’t forget about the Nas untitled album the following Friday on June 15th.


We’re Yeezy-dizzy at this point.

Troye Sivan announces fall tour to support “Bloom”

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Troye Sivan fans are going to have a great fall.

On May 30, the singer-songwriter announced a huge North American tour, which will kick off in Irving, Texas, on Sept. 21 and end in Vancouver, Canada, on Nov. 8. He will be joined on the tour, dubbed “The Bloom Tour,” by Leland, Kim Petras and Carlie Hanson.

Sivan, 22, took to Twitter to announce that pre-sale tickets will be offered on his app beginning on June 5. Tickets will be offered to the general public on June 8. To sweeten the deal, every ticket will come with a copy of the singer’s upcoming “Bloom” album.

“Bloom,” which will be released on Aug. 21, is Sivan’s much-anticipated sophomore record. Frenetic lead single “My My My!” has already been released to good reviews.

During an appearance on the “Today Show,” Sivan said that the new album is “really personal” and he’s “super proud” of it. He also said it has more dance tracks than his first album, “Blue Neighborhood.”

“Bloom” also features a collaboration with pop star Ariana Grande called “Dance To This.” Other track names include “Seventeen,” “The Good Side,” “Bloom,” “Plum,” “What A Heavenly Way To Die,” “Lucky Strike,” “Animal” and “Postcard,” which features Gordi.

The album’s cover is a stark black-and-white image of the back of Sivan’s head.

“The Bloom Tour” will make stops in 27 North American cities, including Miami, Atlanta, New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., Detroit, Toronto, Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. Fans can see the full list of dates here.

Sivan, who is of South African and Australian descent, began his career as a YouTube personality.


Sza Shares Deleted Tweets Confirming Permanent Vocal Cord Injury

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To a superstar, nothing is more important than your voice and your fans. If something happens to either one, a promising career in stardom is instantly doomed. Sza recently sent some tweets that have since been deleted that her voice is permanently injured. There had been some previous issues with her vocals that have caused her to rely on steroids and dedication to try and push through the pain to perform like only she can.


These latest tweets do not offer hope that the situation is getting any better. She has pulled out of the TDE Championship Tour in what disappointed fans hoped was a short rest to recuperate before hitting the music scene again. But on May 29th, she sent the ominous tweet “My voice is permanently injured. Great!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYUUYH!!!!!!!” This post came days after a post on Instagram where the singer said she lost her voice completely.


She continues to use what she can to repair the damage while she works on her next album. But she is heartbroken and sad. She feels with her voice the way it is, it will be her last album. Posting how her world has gotten so much smaller, it is hard not to sympathize and wonder if the damage can be repaired or if her prediction of doom will turn out to be correct. Faithful fans wait in high hopes that modern medicine can turn the tides in their favor and give them their beloved performer back.


TDE founder Top Dawg tweeted more hopeful news to update the fans. He believes she can rest to avoid any permanent damage and promises to make it up to fans in Arizona and New Mexico for the shows she will have to miss. She will continue to see the doctor and Top Dawg promises to keep eager fans updated on her condition.

Ariana Grande Shed Tears Making New Album

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Ariana Grande will be releasing her fourth studio album entitled “Sweetener” this summer. The first single from the album was “No Tears Left to Cry”. It has reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The 24-year-old singer stated that it was difficult to make the album.


Ariana was dealing with a lot of personal issues while she was making the album. She started working on the album after the Manchester bombing. She said that it was hard to talk about her feelings after the bombing, so she poured them into her music. She also spent time in therapy.


Ariana is set to release her new single soon. It will be a collaboration with Nicki Minaj. Rumor has it that Drake will also be on the song. Pharrell Williams was one of the producers who worked on Ariana’s album. He stated that the Manchester bombing gave the album a sense of direction.


Ariana stated that she felt vulnerable while making the album. However, she stated that she feels like she has graduated by talking about her feelings. She has almost felt like her music was great. However, the songs that she has on her new album are more personal to her and have more meaning than the previous ones that she has released.


Not only is Ariana Grande preparing to release a new album, but things are heating up in her personal life. There have been rumors circulating that Peter Davidson and Ariana are dating. The two confirmed on Instagram that they are dating. Peter Davidson is an actor and comedian. He is known for his roles on “Saturday Night Live” and “Guy Code.”

Liz Phair Announces Fall Tour, Celebrates 25th Anniversary Of Landmark Album

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Liz Phair’s groundbreaking 1993 album Exile in Guyville celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, and this is no understated occasion. The album that is attributed with singlehandedly progressing women’s place in rock music forever, the album has inspired an entire generation of artists to move forward and make their voices be heard in an industry so disporportionately affected by the patriarchal society under which it exists.

Phair has already been doing a lot to promote the 25th anniversary: on top of the re-release of the album she did with Matador in early May, she has been doing another round of press regarding the album, including a song-by-song breakdown that can be found over at Rolling Stone.

For fans of the music, more Exile in Guyville-related news is incredible and well-deserved after the legacy of the album has affected so many in such positive ways.

However, even after all of this, Phair outdoes herself once again by announcing a string of fall shows to commemorate the release of the re-issue.

Below are the full dates:

September 6 – Atlanta, GA @ Variety Playhouse
September 7 – Birmingham, AL @ Saturn
September 8 – Raleigh, NC @ Hopscotch Music Festival
September 10 – Louisville, KY @ Headliners Music Hall
September 11 – Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom & Tavern
September 13 – Detroit, MI @ Majestic Theater
September 15 – Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue
September 18 – Seattle, WA @ The Showbox
September 19 – Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom
September 20 – San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
September 21 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Theatre at Ace Hotel
September 24 – Solana Beach, CA @ Belly Up
September 25 – Phoenix, AZ @ The Crescent Ballroom
September 27 – Austin, TX @ The Mohawk
September 28 – Dallas, TX @ Granada Theater
September 29 – Dana Point, CA @ Ohana Music and Arts Festival
October 1 – Nashville, TN @ Exit/In
October 2 – Cincinnati, OH @ 20th Century Theater
October 3 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
October 5 – Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer
October 6 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel
October 8 – Boston, MA @ Royale
October 9 – Montreal, QC @ Corona Theatre
October 10 – Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Concert Theatre
October 12 – Milwaukee, WI @ Turner Hall Ballroom


Tenacious D Announces New Tour

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Fans of the comedy-rock duo Tenacious D are excited over reports that the group is planning their first tour in five years for the coming fall. The group, which features Jack Black as lead singer and Kyle Gass as lead guitar, will begin an 8-concert tour at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn on November 3. The tour’s final show will be in Chicago at the Riviera Theatre on November 13. Tickets for the duo’s tour go on sale to the general public at 10 a.m. on May 18, but a special pre-sale began on May 16. In addition to their fall tour, Tenacious D will also be performing at Montebello Rockfest in Quebec June 14 through 16 and at Cal Jam 18 on October 6 with Foo Fighters, Iggy Pop, and several other rock bands.


The duo announced their fall tour through a YouTube video. In the humorous animated clip, Gass and Black joked that they needed to start the tour so that they could pay their rent. The clip also referenced fans’ frustration over the time it has taken to get their next album out. A follow-up to 2012’s Rize of the Fenix, Black recently confirmed that the group’s next album would be called Post-Apocalypto and would be a rock opera set in an apocalyptic wasteland.


Tenacious D first formed in 1994 in Los Angeles. In their nearly 25-year career, the group has released three albums and been nominated for several awards, winning a Grammy Award in 2015 for Best Metal Performance. In addition to roles in numerous animated shorts and television programs, Tenacious D starred in their own movie, Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, in 2006.