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P!nk Releases Video For New Song

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On Monday, pop superstar P!nk released a video for her new song “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken,” which is from her latest album Beautiful Trauma. This comes less than a day after she gave what is for her a rather subdued performance of the song on Sunday’s Grammy Awards.

The video, which was shot completely in black and white, co-stars the singer’s 6-year-old daughter Willow. It is a far more spartan production than her recent ones, especially the dance-intensive video for the song “What about Us,” which comes from the Beautiful Trauma album as well. It also far less glitzy, and less colorful, than the video that accompanied the title track of the album.

The “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” video is more about emotion than style, and there’s a real sense of defiance expressed in the lyrics, in which she conveys to the audience that no rope can hold her down and no amount of tape can shut her up. This defiance, though, is softened somewhat by the scenes with her cradling her young daughter.

Along with the release of the video on Monday, P!nk announced that she was making a contribution to United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), for which she is an embassador. She said that she is proud of her work for the organization, which she says helps women and children across the world. She further asked her fans to also make donations to UNICEF, “if the spirit moves you.”

P!nk, who was born Alecia Beth Moore in 1979, has sold more than 50 million singles worldwide and 40 million albums. She has also won 3 Grammy Awards, 7 MTV Music Awards and Billboard in 2009 named her the Pop Song Artist of the Decade.

Pink’s Class Shows During The Grammys

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Last Sunday evening, four female vocalists were in competition for the Best Solo Performance Grammy. The competitors were Million Reasons by Lady Gaga, What About Us by Pink, Praying by Kesha and Love So Soft by Kelly Clarkson. The only male in the category was Ed Sheeran with Shape of You, and he walked away with the prize. Unfortunately, he was not present to accept this honor.

Pink did not seem affected by her loss, and took the stage at the Grammy’s to perform Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken. Her daughter Willow, and her husband were watching her sing from the crowd. Pink was dressed all in white with loose jeans, a T-shirt and very little makeup. A sign language interpreter stood next to her. There was no elaborate stage design, aerial stunts or costumes as in the past. All that was necessary was Pink and her lyrics. For additional details, please visit

Pink, aka Alecia Moore began her career in the music industry late in the 1990’s. She started out with a hot pink pixie cut, and became a solo artist. Her debut album was titled Can’t Take Me Home, and was described as sassy and angry. She has not only acquired Grammy nominations, she has done so with her terms. Pink told Ryan Seacrest she just wants to be exciting. She spoke of a woman she met in the grocery store who said she enjoyed her because she made so many mistakes in public. The woman said knowing she was not the only one screwing up gave her strength.

This is how Pink explained exactly how she continues on her path in a cutthroat business. Of all the Grammy nominees between 2013 and 2018, only 9.3 percent were women. This design was not meant to let someone like Pink walk away the winner.

Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar among Big Winners at Politically and Socially Charged Grammy Awards

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There were two big winners and a lot of great performances during the 60th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday.

Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar dominated the award ceremony with their share of gold trophies. Bruno picked up the Award for Song of the Year for “That’s What I Like” and Album of the Year for, “24k Magic”, while Kendrick won for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance for “Humble”, which were just a few of the awards among the two solo artists.

Both artists also gave outstanding performances on stage. Kendrick opened the award ceremony with a mass of dancers which included segments of an on-stage documentary throughout the performance by comedian Dave Chappelle. The politically charged performance included collaboration with U2. Dave also won an Award for Best Comedian Album during the ceremony.

U2 gave a stunning performance by the Hudson River with the Statue of Liberty in the background and overviews of the New York skyline which included the now iconic Freedom Tower. The performance was in response to the immigration policies that are under consideration which was a theme throughout the ceremony as well as other social and political issues.

Kesha left the audience stunned after the emotionally charged performance that was directly related to the #MeToo social movement. After her performance, which included pop legend Cindy Lauper, there were very few dry eyes in the audience.

However, the music industry’s biggest night slipped 20 percent in viewership over last year’s ratings. Hosted by James Corden, it was recorded live by CBS. According to Neilsen Media ratings, the event could put the Grammy’s in the ranking of having the lowest ratings recorded in history. There were 26 million viewers in 2017 as opposed to the expected 17.6 million viewers after the final viewership data has been calculated which are expected sometime on Monday.

Moby’s Amazing New Music Video

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Recently, Moby released a music video for the song “Mere Anarchy.” This song is the newest single from Moby’s album “Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt,” which will be released soon. In this post-apocalyptic video, Moby and a friend are time travellers visiting an Earth that has been emptied by war and ecological disaster. This video features stark, black-and-white visuals from director Rob Bralver. The video visually echoes classic science fiction films like “The Man Who Fell To Earth.” This new song should heighten the buzz surrounding Moby’s new album. The new album is slated for release on March 21.

Reportedly, Moby’s new album hies back to the classic sound of the his earlier work. This electronic artist made his name by combining gospel samples with a trip-hop sound. I feel that Moby has proven he is one of the most dynamic and exciting artists to have appeared on the scene in the past 25 years. Because Moby is perfectly able to combine old and new musical forms, he can appeal to people from different generations. Hopefully, Moby has found some catchy older music to sample for this new album.

It is remarkable that Moby has achieved so many amazing things over the course of his career. This artist has proven deeply influential on musicians working in many different genres. It is important for our society to give plenty of support to those musicians and artists that are producing groundbreaking work. Individuals like this help maintain our nation’s prestige in the world at large. I hope that Moby will continue to receive critical acclaim for his remarkable compositions. It is likely that Moby will continue to be a commercially successful musician for many long years to come. Though Moby has had a lot of ups and downs in his career, I feel his best days still lie ahead.

Roger Daltrey To Perform Live This Summer

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Roger Daltrey of the Who has announced his intention to perform the Who’s rock opera “Tommy” live this summer. According to Daltrey, he will perform the opera as a solo act. However, Daltrey will commission the services of several orchestras for accompaniment. So far, the tour is slated to stop in ten different cities. Daltrey will perform with a different orchestra at each stop of the tour. Reportedly, Daltrey is excited to perform with some of the finest orchestras in the continental United States.

After his many achievements with the Who, Roger Daltrey has become a true rock legend. Still, I feel that this artist deserves greater recognition for the depths of his craft. Even though Pete Townshend wrote most of the music for the Who, it is unlikely this band could have succeeded without Daltrey on vocals. After all, Daltrey is known as one of the most expressive and imaginative singers in modern musical history.

Because there are millions of fans of the Who throughout this nation, I have no doubt that Roger Daltrey will have an easy time selling out these shows. I certainly hope that this tour will be commercially successful. If it does prove successful, you can be sure that Daltrey will schedule another tour next year. For years, people have perpetuated the stereotype that rock music is a young man’s game. While there may be some truth to this stereotype, you could also argue that this is an unfortunate generalization. Older singers like Roger Daltrey have a whole lot to offer the world. As a society, we should be more willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. After all, older people can really entertain the crowds at weekend concerts.