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Set to Release First Album in Ten Years, The Breeders Debut New Track

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For those who have been hoping that alternative rock is on the verge of making a big comeback, the release of a new single by the Breeders should be very encouraging. The track, called “Nervous Mary,” will be part of “All Nerve,” the band’s first album in a decade.


While the alt-rock group has an inconsistent history in terms of membership and frequency of new releases, it does have a ton of lasting respect based on its pedigree and memorable songs.


Formed in 1989, the Breeders features Kim Deal from the Pixies and Tanya Donelly of Throwing Muses. Over the past nearly thirty years, only Deal has been with the group for the entire time.


Working with legendary producer Steve Albini, the band released the album “Pod” in 1990, which received critical acclaim. While the album was not commercially successful, it has grown more significant over time. Deceased Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain cited it as one of his favorite records.


In 1993, the Breeders released “Last Splash,” which featured a massive hit in “Cannonball.” During this time, Kim Deal added her identical twin sister Kelley to the band. The Breeders toured with Nirvana, played Lollapalooza, and secured a platinum certification.


After Kelley Deal got tangled up in drug-related problems in 1995, the Breeders went on hiatus. They did not reemerge until 2001 when they released “Title TK.” Following another dormant period, the group released “Mountain Battles” in 2008, only to go quiet again.


“All Nerve” is significant because it is their first album since “Last Splash” that features this exact lineup of musicians.


“Nervous Mary” is a particularly interesting track because it is unusually haunting and dark. Hardcore fans as well as those who only really know “Cannonball” will recognize the sound, and time will soon tell if the Breeders are part of an alt-rock comeback.

Despacito Music Video Performed Onstage at Grammy Awards

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The Grammy Award ceremony on Sunday night featured a number of musical performances from across the popular music spectrum. The MTV channel website recently devoted extensive coverage to the recreation of a hit music video featuring ‘Despacito’, a dance number. The live re-enactment by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and a scantily clad Zuleyka Rivera did not include Justin Beiber.

MTV reports ‘Despacito’ led the list of the Billboard Hot 100, setting a record as a leader in that venue. During the 2018 Grammy Award performance, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee sang verses to the fast-paced Spanish language song against a vivid pink and blue neon backdrop, while Zuleyka Rivera danced and gyrated across the stage. Some members of the audience reacted in surprise, while others cheered and clapped. Many people rose to their feet.

Mixed Reviews

While some critics praised the performance, a article suggested Zuleyka River’s exotic costume (a single-piece garment in a nude colored fabric) had also elicited unkind comments from “haters”. Possibly the music video reenactment, so fresh on the heels of the MeTooMovement, also raised criticism from individuals tired of Hollywood portraying women as stereotyped sex objects? Regardless of the conflicting opinions, the ‘Despacito’ interlude certainly dispelled any pubic perception of the 2018 Grammy Award ceremonies as some staid industry event.

A Hit From Puerto Rico

Luis Fonsi, a singer and songwriter, gained worldwide fame for the ‘Despacito’ music video. It garnered four awards during the 2017 Latin Grammy Awards (including Best Song of the Year and Best Record of the Year). He collaborated with fellow Puerto Rican Daddy Yankee in the production of ‘Despacito,’ the first Spanish language song to soar in billboard charts since the 1996 hit ‘Macarena’. Justin Bieber released a remixed version of their song in 2017.

Moby’s Amazing New Music Video

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Recently, Moby released a music video for the song “Mere Anarchy.” This song is the newest single from Moby’s album “Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt,” which will be released soon. In this post-apocalyptic video, Moby and a friend are time travellers visiting an Earth that has been emptied by war and ecological disaster. This video features stark, black-and-white visuals from director Rob Bralver. The video visually echoes classic science fiction films like “The Man Who Fell To Earth.” This new song should heighten the buzz surrounding Moby’s new album. The new album is slated for release on March 21.

Reportedly, Moby’s new album hies back to the classic sound of the his earlier work. This electronic artist made his name by combining gospel samples with a trip-hop sound. I feel that Moby has proven he is one of the most dynamic and exciting artists to have appeared on the scene in the past 25 years. Because Moby is perfectly able to combine old and new musical forms, he can appeal to people from different generations. Hopefully, Moby has found some catchy older music to sample for this new album.

It is remarkable that Moby has achieved so many amazing things over the course of his career. This artist has proven deeply influential on musicians working in many different genres. It is important for our society to give plenty of support to those musicians and artists that are producing groundbreaking work. Individuals like this help maintain our nation’s prestige in the world at large. I hope that Moby will continue to receive critical acclaim for his remarkable compositions. It is likely that Moby will continue to be a commercially successful musician for many long years to come. Though Moby has had a lot of ups and downs in his career, I feel his best days still lie ahead.

Alex Karpovsky Shines In New MGMT Video

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The actor Alex Karpovsky starred in MGMT’s recent music video. Called “When You Die,” MGMT’s latest song is going to be released on MGMT’s upcoming album. Announced under the title “Little Dark Age,” the new album is slated for release in 2018. Without doubt, this video furthers MGMT’s quest for cultural relevance. This band has certainly achieved plenty of critical success. However, it is no secret that this band’s commercial draw has dimmed since the release of the band’s debut album. Entitled “Oracular Spectacular,” this album managed to spawn radio hits while achieving great reviews from the most prestigious music reviewers. This band will continue to do great things in the years ahead. MGMT combines psychedelia with pop and electronic music. By combining a number of different genres, this band has achieved worldwide fame.

Many thousands of people are going to get excited when MGMT releases their next album. With each new release, this band breaks new ground in modern music. When I listen to a band like this, I feel that rock music can continue to progress and grow in a fascinating way. The band combines interesting lyrics with uniquely complex productions. This musical group specializes in performing songs that are deeply memorable. As many commentators have noted, this band has an almost uncanny ability to combine music and the visual arts. All of this band’s music videos have received accolades for their original, psychedelic sensibilities.

This is an era of interesting developments in rock music. MGMT is one of many modern bands that mixes electronic sounds with traditional rock instrumentation. This type of sonic diversity helps artists achieve reputations for compositional skill. These are the bands that have the potential to become part of the rock canon. MGMT’s fashion sense is fairly unorthodox. During live shows, the band wears a variety of outfits that range from tie-dye shirts to hip-hop clothing items.