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Neil Young’s “Paradox” and Other New Albums Get The Thumbs-Up From Rolling Stone

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Being a longtime fan of Neil Young’s music, I’m glad to hear that the legendary rocker has released a new album titled “Paradox.” Because I wanted to learn more about the album, I just went to the Rolling Stone website, where I found an article that provides useful information about “Paradox.”

In addition to providing a brief overview of the new Neil Young work, the Rolling Stone article that I just read offers short descriptions of new albums by nine other musical artists.

The selection of songs on the new Neil Young album is described as “diverse,” with a small amount of melody and a lot of casual guitar lines present.

An album titled “Twenty-two In Blue” by a trio from Brooklyn named Sunflower Bean gets a good review in the article, as does the new “Ceremony of Dreams” album from the 1970s jazz ensemble Entourage.

The always-creative Jack White has just released a new album titled “Boarding House Reach.” According to Rolling Stone, the album is an expansive, rocking collection of tunes that is “spiritually hungry and collectively driven,” among other things.

A new album named “Space Gun” by the indie-rock band Guided By Voices features the band’s ‘classic’ 1990s lineup of members, and leader Robert Pollard’s recent songwriting gets a thumbs-up from Rolling Stone.

The Messthetics are a rock trio from the D.C. area whose new, self-titled album is recommended by Rolling Stone, as is the debut solo effort from Erika Wennerstrom of the Heartless Bastards rock band.

Rolling Stone is always a good source of information about the latest releases in the music world, and I’m glad that I learned about all of these other new releases when I was originally looking up the new Neil Young album.

Neil Young’s movie “Paradox” Coming to Netflix

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It’s past, it’s future. It’s a Western, about peace and love.
Neil Young’s new movie, “Paradox,” is unorthodox–and that shouldn’t surprise anyone.
Directed by his partner, actress Daryl Hannah, “Paradox” premiered March 15 at Austin’s SXSW festival and will be on Netflix beginning March 23.
The 73-minute film isn’t so much a movie as a “home movie,” said Hannah of her directorial debut of a feature-length film. Her short, “The Last Supper,” won a prize at the Berlin International Film Festival more than two decades ago.
In addition to Young, it stars Lukas and Micah Nelson, with a cameo by their father, Willie Nelson.
Young, as The Man in the Black Hat, and his band, the Promise of the Real, are outlaws living off the land.
He told Rolling Stone that he expected it to be a niche movieas were his previous quirky films, Greendale (2003) and Human Highway (1982), which was about a nuclear holocaust and in which Devo co-starred.
Original music from the movie is available on the Web on Neil Young Archives, as well as for sale beginning on March 23. The music set also includes previous works “Pocahontas” and “Peace Trail.”
Young’s other projects include the Archives, which contain all of his music and are free (although the site will begin charging what Young says is a nominal fee by June); a re-release of “Roxy: Tonight’s the Night” Live; a few live gigs with Promise of the Real; and a novel, Canary, that he is working on.
When he retires, he told Rolling Stone recently, people will know. Because he won’t retire until he’s dead.