The faculty of medicine has never been easy, and this isn’t intended to change. Many people have associated this faculty with people with the best brains. Nonetheless, other people such as Jorge Moll find it an enjoyable lifestyle. What you cannot attempt to do, another person can find it the source of enjoyment they need in life. This means the problem is not the career but the attitude people have on careers. When Jorge realized this, he made up his mind to go all the way in the medical field. He has made distinguished accomplishments in this field including transforming the community attitude on health.


Since he has invested a lot of time and resources in this career, success follows him naturally. He has become the Head and Founder of Institute of Research and Education. He is not only a distinguished doctor but also a renowned researcher. He has attained all this through different levels in the faculty of medicine. Those who have interacted with his career resume know he is an ambitious scholar. He was in the Federal University where he graduated with a bachelor degree in Neuroscience. As a man who believes in continued education, Jorge Moll went to Sao Paulo University to study Experimental Pathophysiology and graduated with a Ph.D.


His internship program started at Federal University after he graduated. Dr. Jorge believes in healthy lifestyles. He takes a lot of his time to educate people about this to improve the quality of their lives. He believes a society with unhealthy people is a sick community. Although his work demands much of his attention, Jorge has always known how to strike a balance between family time and work. He cherishes his family a lot, and this causes him to create time for the family even when his work schedules are tight.


Jorge doesn’t just have a lot of ideas to implement, but also a lot of implementation tactics for a myriad of ideas. Nevertheless, he only thinks about the ideas that accommodate collaboration and those easy to translate into workable plans. He believes in teamwork as the source of every success an organization or individual would achieve. Jorge Moll says teamwork and strong ethics are the main sources of practical and innovative ideas. He is doing all he knows and could to enhance the education, research, and healthcare world.