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Cancer seems to out think medicine sometimes, even though it is not an intelligent species, as all it is trying to do is survive in a foreign environment. The information on that doctors use has advanced markedly over the past several years, largely due to research and constant monitoring of treatment and care statistics.

Oncotarget is always looking for valid studies that can help to advance the study of what can be done to arrest and eliminate cancer, and the weekly onslaught of studies, articles and manuscripts are based on solid research and study.

Authors can submit articles to the Editorial Board of Oncotarget to be evaluated and reviewed for potential publication. The editing is done in a peer to peer screening method which means that people who have the same background as the submitter, or a background in the field being discussed in the article, is who will be editing the article.

It is required that at least two editors collaborate on in the editing process so that all actions can be witnessed and discussed as they continue through the process. Authors are required to document all sources of findings, and explain why citations and proofs apply to the topic.

Editors are also charged with the duty to make certain that all of the content is kept in a private manner to avoid any information leaking out. This can cause conflicts where information might be taken incorrectly before being published.

Authors and publishers at must both be aware that opinion, views that are outside of the subject matter, and any other distractive language should be avoided. All conclusions must be backed up with hard proof that is supportive of that conclusion, rather than opinion and supposition.

Attitudes that are expressed as opinion, slander, debasement, racial slurs, gender or sexual orientation discussion, age viewpoints, and citizenship views do not belong here. The submitted manuscripts are evaluated solely on their merit, timeliness, uniqueness, the quality of the data and any other distinguishing features.