It’s been more than five years since Pearl Jam released their “Lightning Bolt” LP. That was their last original music…until now. On bassist Jeff Ament’s 55th birthday, the band released “Can’t Deny Me” as a special treat.

It debuted first on Sirius XM’S Pearl Jam Radio as a gift for the members of the Ten Club — an exclusive group for Pearl Jam’s most loyal fans. For a yearly fee, members gain early access to new tracks, exclusive magazines, and special discounts.

With its staccato beat and scathing, politically charged lyrics, the new song isn’t subtle. It’s a familiar sound that should appeal to old fans as well as potential fans who are frustrated with the current political climate. The artwork for the song keeps to the protest theme, with scenes of a crowd marching and a woman holding a protest sign with the track’s name written on it.

It’s been a busy few years for Pearl Jam. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017. Eddie Vedder stopped by an episode of Showtime’s “Twin Peaks” revival to perform “Out of Sand,” a melancholy new solo track that looks back at the passage of time.

Mike McCready has been busy as well. Pearl Jam’s lead guitar player wrote the score for “Sadie,” a film about a young girl coping with her military father’s absence.

The band, one of the biggest in the world in the 1990s, is still going strong with live performances. Many of their South American tour dates are sold out. This summer, they head from South America to Europe before coming back to the States for a completely sold-out tour.