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The Chainsmokers: Closer to the Sound

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In a recent interview with “Interview Magazine”, the two members of the Chainsmokers, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, discuss the release of their new single “Closer.” They say that this song will be different, as it not only features the singer Halsey, but it also features vocals by Taggart. Pall expresses that this is only a culmination of their goal to make their music more intimate and different. He says that artists are always trying to put intimacy in their music, and with EDM it can be hard, as usually there is no face or personality to the artists that make it.

Drew and Alex met in New York. Taggart was from Maine, but was studying at Syracuse. Pall was working in New York. Both had gotten into the DJing scene, due to its growing popularity. They were introduced by mutual friends, and starting connecting on music the next day. From early on, they discussed the need to change the genre; to make it more personal. They felt that EDM was huge, but DJs were all similar. Their first songs, such as “#SELFIE” brought them success, in which Pall reflects on them beginning to tour the world. However, he says they weren’t satisfied, as they still hadn’t blurred lines between genres.

After more success with “ROZES” and “Don’t Let Me Down,” they began experimenting with different ideas, this is when “Closer” was made. Pall says that the two wanted to get closer with their friends and express what their lives were like. The lyrics were to show their lives in college, talking about college girls, superficiality,and the whirlwind of emotions our generation feels while in college. This talk of their lives, the struggles, and of emotions, they hoped would make them be able to connect more with their fans. They also felt that by having Taggart sing on the track, they could be more intimately involved in the making of the song. Time will tell how “Closer” will do, but it seems that by putting their own vocals and lyrics into music, the Chainsmokers may be onto something..

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Clayton Hutson, live performance equipment expert

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Professional audio engineer and budding actor knows quite a lot about the music industry. He owns a music production company that offers a variety of services including production design, rigging, stage management, production management, show producer, logistics management, and monitor engineer. Clayton is also a event manager and music producer. Mr. Hutson has worked with big bands such as Garbage, Kid Rock, Pink, and Guns N’ Roses.


The decision to start his business came during the recession when he was working for another company. Of course with any career decision there is a considerable amount of risk, but he was ready to take the leap. Clayton was also able to utilize his previous skills and experience in his business to make it successful. His ideas of how to create amazing set design is from using technology like computers, using previous experience, and making sure the dimensions are correct. This is key. The live sound engineer puts in hard work to attract new clients. Impressing them with his knowledge, experience, and also working long hours is what it takes win over clients. Also paying attention to detail is crucial. Certain habits make Clayton a good choice like the fact that he checks stuff repeatedly to make sure everything is running correctly. Any big issue or malfunctions can cost him his career, so he has to take a massive amount of care in everything he does. When being hired by Kid Rock recently, he gets to the venue first, before 7 in the morning. Clayton goes through the motions of checking everything, doing a walk through, looking at the schedule, and figuring out how to store the equipment. Everything is strategic, but also takes a lot of flexibility on everyone’s part. Learn more:


Although there is a lot of preparation and planning that goes into pre show time, but also getting everything figured out after the show. You have to pack things up all the equipment involved so it functions properly. One another note, one purchase made his business more successful and organized. Purchasing an iPhone has made things and business so much easier with a touch of a button.



Clayton Hutson has always loved and had a passion for music, acting, and the production surrounding the two. He studied theater design in college, which was an informative and fun experience. Mr. Hutson grew up in Glendale, California. Clayton has his own entertainment production company and is a live sound engineer and production manager.