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Dallas Texas Based Stream Energy Establishes The Stream Cares Foundation

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Stream Cares is a charitable foundation created by the innovative direct-selling energy products company Stream Energy. The company has been supporting charitable causes and organizations since its founding 14 years ago. Many people became aware of their work with the needy as a result of the wide range of services and support they provided to the displaced people and devastated communities in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The company sees its role as improving the quality of life for people by providing them with affordable home protection, gas, electricity and wireless services as well as philanthropic work.

In Dallas, Texas and surrounding cities, Stream Energy has long been making a concerted effort to address the problem of homelessness. The company has worked with  Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army and local community organizations like Hope Supply Company to provide food, clothing, school supplies and shelter for the homeless. Stream has also paid for thousands of homeless children to enjoy themselves at water parks throughout Texas. The company has also donated money and a variety of other resources to support veterans in need all over the country.

By establishing the Stream Cares Foundation, Stream Energy will now be able to expand their philanthropic efforts and be able to help more people. The company is able to save on the cost of advertising through the use of direct-selling to the consumer. The money they save leads to lower energy rates for their customers and more money to give to charitable causes and needy people and communities. Not only does the company give as a corporate entity, but the employees are always looking for opportunities to give of their time, money, talent and resources. They can now better do that through Stream Cares. recently ran an article on Stream Energy talking about how they help communities both through high-quality, affordable energy products as well as philanthropy. It has helped people to become aware of the vital services the company offers to communities throughout Texas and across the country. Stream Energy is making an important and valuable impact on people’s lives.

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George Soros and his Firm Endeavor for Liberalism

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George Soros is known as one of the world’s leading philanthropist and has given away over $12million to date. His financing has upheld various organizations and individuals all over the world advocating for accountable administrations, transparency, freedom of expression, and social order that promote justice and equality. This giving centers on individuals who are discriminated for their identity. He has supported a wide range of people; some people who have been marginalized from the mainstream society such as sex workers, drug users, LGBTI individuals and others representing people from Europe. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Soros has encountered bigotry firsthand. He was born in Hungary in 1930 and survived the Nazi control of 1944–1945, which brought about the murder of more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews. By securing false identity papers, his Jewish family got to survive thereby covering their backgrounds and helping other families do the same?

As reported in Politico, Soros utilized his fortune to come up with the Open Society Foundation in over 100 countries. The OSF is a network of establishments and partners whose name and operations mirror the impact of Soros reasoning of the philosophy of Karl Popper. He got this ideology while he was at the London school of Economics. Popper contends in his book, Open Society and its enemies that no rationality or belief system is the last authority on truth. He firmly asserted that social orders could just thrive when they take into account a democratic approach to governance, regard for individual rights, and freedom of expression which is the approach at the center of the work at the Open Society Foundations.

Presently, George Soros is a blunt partisan player in America’s political scene, having channeled millions to the Democratic Party and causes such as Ferguson protest. He has been at the forefront in opposing Donald Trump as the president. Soros further pushes his ideologies through the network of OSF in Europe and in more than 100 other nations where they have their operations across the world. He is loathed on the Patriot edges of the Right, although still admired and respected over the left, sometimes rhetoric or imagery whose anti-Semitism leaves little to the imagination.

In 2015, in the Washington Times, it was uncovered that in one year, Soros gave $33 million to bolster well-established groups that encouraged the grassroots, on-the-ground protestors in Ferguson. This was indicated by the latest assessment filings of his non-profit Foundations. The Washington Times also uncovered that Soros directed millions into groups that moved protesters to Ferguson from around the United States and composed crusades to keep it as a central topic in the country’s media outlets. The budgetary tie from Soros to the activist groups brought about the rise of a flammable dissent development that created a 24-hour-a-day national cause caliber from the previous one-day event in Missouri. Know more on about George Soros.


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Julie Zuckerberg Positive News Article

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Executive recruiters, also known as executive headhunters, are professionals contracted by companies and individuals to fill vacancies in their businesses with the right personnel. Such professionals can work as part of the in-house human resource team. Alternatively, they can work for search firms and work as contractors. Whichever way, their role in the growth of any business is significant. Besides, they fill top positions with personnel that has the talent to move companies in the right direction. They have the expertise to interview and screen candidates, through a recruitment process, and fetch the best. They also coach the selected candidates so that they are ready for their new jobs.


To be hired as an executive recruiter, one has to have a good education background. They should at least possess a bachelor’s degree. They also need to have experience in the field. That means that executive recruiters have to have started as basic recruiter. They must gain experience of above 5 years and have made a name for themselves. They need to possess great communication skills and understand the human physiology, recruitment process, the industry, management principles and labor relations.


When it comes to salary, this professionals are handsomely paid. The average executive recruiter bags up to $60,000. And some earn as high as $120,000. It all depends on reputability, experience and education background.


About Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is one of the most competent recruiters in New York. She is often ranked among the best recruiters who you should seek their services in the city. Being in such a recognized position wasn’t just handed to Julie, she had to earn it. She began by getting herself more than just the basic education.


Julie studied at Citi University which is a branch of Brooklyn College based in New York. She attained her undergraduate degree in Philosophy before joining law school. She graduated Juris Doctor from the New York Law School.


With a decorate education background, landing a job wasn’t that hard. In the year 2002, Hudson took her under their wings. Her first job was in regular candidate placement. She was awarded the role of director of candidate placement in the firm. At Hudson, she mainly was charged with the role of recruiting for the legal and the banking industry. She worked here for half a decade before she move to work for Citi Global Functions.


Julie joined Citi in the year 2007 and worked there up to the year 2013. Being the vice president and the recruitment head, she would oversee every step of recruitment from start to finish. She saw to it that the bank hired the best talent to fill their accounts, audit and legal functions. When she left the company, she worked for New York Life Insurance for a few months before moving to Dutsche bank where she currently works. At this global financial institution, she serves as the Vice President and the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead.