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P!nk Releases Video For New Song

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On Monday, pop superstar P!nk released a video for her new song “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken,” which is from her latest album Beautiful Trauma. This comes less than a day after she gave what is for her a rather subdued performance of the song on Sunday’s Grammy Awards.

The video, which was shot completely in black and white, co-stars the singer’s 6-year-old daughter Willow. It is a far more spartan production than her recent ones, especially the dance-intensive video for the song “What about Us,” which comes from the Beautiful Trauma album as well. It also far less glitzy, and less colorful, than the video that accompanied the title track of the album.

The “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” video is more about emotion than style, and there’s a real sense of defiance expressed in the lyrics, in which she conveys to the audience that no rope can hold her down and no amount of tape can shut her up. This defiance, though, is softened somewhat by the scenes with her cradling her young daughter.

Along with the release of the video on Monday, P!nk announced that she was making a contribution to United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), for which she is an embassador. She said that she is proud of her work for the organization, which she says helps women and children across the world. She further asked her fans to also make donations to UNICEF, “if the spirit moves you.”

P!nk, who was born Alecia Beth Moore in 1979, has sold more than 50 million singles worldwide and 40 million albums. She has also won 3 Grammy Awards, 7 MTV Music Awards and Billboard in 2009 named her the Pop Song Artist of the Decade.

Pink’s Class Shows During The Grammys

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Last Sunday evening, four female vocalists were in competition for the Best Solo Performance Grammy. The competitors were Million Reasons by Lady Gaga, What About Us by Pink, Praying by Kesha and Love So Soft by Kelly Clarkson. The only male in the category was Ed Sheeran with Shape of You, and he walked away with the prize. Unfortunately, he was not present to accept this honor.

Pink did not seem affected by her loss, and took the stage at the Grammy’s to perform Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken. Her daughter Willow, and her husband were watching her sing from the crowd. Pink was dressed all in white with loose jeans, a T-shirt and very little makeup. A sign language interpreter stood next to her. There was no elaborate stage design, aerial stunts or costumes as in the past. All that was necessary was Pink and her lyrics. For additional details, please visit

Pink, aka Alecia Moore began her career in the music industry late in the 1990’s. She started out with a hot pink pixie cut, and became a solo artist. Her debut album was titled Can’t Take Me Home, and was described as sassy and angry. She has not only acquired Grammy nominations, she has done so with her terms. Pink told Ryan Seacrest she just wants to be exciting. She spoke of a woman she met in the grocery store who said she enjoyed her because she made so many mistakes in public. The woman said knowing she was not the only one screwing up gave her strength.

This is how Pink explained exactly how she continues on her path in a cutthroat business. Of all the Grammy nominees between 2013 and 2018, only 9.3 percent were women. This design was not meant to let someone like Pink walk away the winner.

Pink Surprises Audience With Her Performance

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While Pink is not one of the most famous pop music singers or celebrities out there, she is definitively one of the top ones. The female singer has now become a veteran and highly successful pop and rock singer that has a music history spanning well over two decades. She is well known for her hot pink dyed hair, not afraid to say it attitude and a counter-culture screw the authority demeanor. All of this has brought considerable attention and admiration.

So why did Pink get so much praise and attention during this year’s Grammy Awards? No, she, unfortunately, did not win any awards. She was nominated for the best pop solo song category at the Grammys with her hit song called What About Us. Now if you listen to any major hits radio station or like pop music, then you have probably heard Pink’s hit song numerous times by now. It is energetic, emotional and conveys a message of resilience in my view.

The winner in the best solo pop song performance was Ed Sheeran with the song called Shape of You. Pink was one of many women nominated for awards at the Grammy’s. Only one woman managed to get an award. This was Alessia Cara for the new artist category.

While Pink did not get a coveted Grammy Award, she did get a lot of attention for her solo performance during the awards ceremony. She is often known for her stunts, props and lively performances. This time around it was surprisingly simple. She just chose to sing her song without any special effects or acrobatics.

This was highly unusual and a surprise for fans who were expecting something spectacular from Pink once again. One thing she did manage to do, was to surprise the audience at the Grammys and at home with her relatively simple performance. She also actually sang instead of lip syncing and got a rousing standing ovation for her performance.