The hottest young couple in pop music seems to be defying expectations simply by remaining together. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, who only recently got back together after a long hiatus, are still dating.

The two were spotted together in Montego Bay, Jamaica where Bieber’s father’s wedding was being held. Most observers are now taking the relationship quite seriously given that it is unlikely that the “Love Yourself” singer would bring somebody to his dad’s nuptials if it were not serious.

Early in their respective careers, Bieber and Gomez were first rumored to be an item in 2010, and they then stepped out officially as a couple the following year. During their initial courtship, the two were constantly followed by the paparazzi. Numerous rumors spread about them, ranging from breakups to engagement.

Ultimately, the pair called it off in 2012. However, at various times over the next two years, they were spotted together acting very much like a couple. At one point in 2014, they even confirmed that they were in a relationship. But this was followed by another breakup, and Gomez admitted that “The Heart Wants What It Wants” was about Bieber.

Both Bieber and Gomez then pursued other relationships. By early 2017, the “Bad Liar” singer was confirmed to be in a relationship with The Weeknd.

However, right around the end of 2017 when her relationship with The Weeknd fizzled out, Gomez was spotted with Bieber once more.

As has often been the case with the on-again-off-again couple, it is difficult to confirm with certainty whether or not their current relationship is serious. Some current rumors suggest that Bieber and Gomez could themselves be tying the knot soon. Yet many people continue to speculate that the two pop icons date on occasion mostly just to generate fan interest in them.