When people are considering investment options they have, coffee or marijuana rarely is an option on the table. Coffee is considered a cheap habit while marijuana is considered a gray area due to legal constraints. Despite not being a favorite for many people around the world, Stansberry Research thinks that these two could be the next high-value commodities for investment. Many people may ignore them right now, but they stand a high chance of bringing in good profits.


Currently, Coffee is considered to be a commodity that is losing value. The prices for coffee are too low to be considered a good investment option. Also, many farmers seem to be losing hope in coffee and are even considering other plants in place of coffee. However, this has been just the projection that has been made by experts. In recent years, the reality has been different from what the experts project. In 2014 and 2015, the prices of coffee per pound moved up by 92% and 50% consecutively.


Stansberry Research has recommended coffee as one of the possible gainers in the future although currently, it is not. It is not yet in an uptrend, and therefore its future remains shaky. It, however, falls under the category of inexpensive assets that could attract huge profits if was it go up.


Coffee may look tricky for investors, but marijuana is the trickiest. Although many people consider it illegal, the prospects of it becoming popular in future continue to escalate as more and more states continue to accept its growth. Stansberry Research thinks this is the right time for investors to take up marijuana investments as prices will soon go up.


As of early 2018, 9 states had legalized growing of marijuana. Half had legalized it for recreational use, while the other half have legalized it for medicinal purposes. Canada has gone way ahead of others in the implementing marijuana investments. In fact, marijuana stocks in the publicly traded companies are doing very well. Support for legalization of marijuana in different states in the United States is rapidly growing. We could be headed to a time when the whole world will accept marijuana to be grown.