Roger Daltrey of the Who has announced his intention to perform the Who’s rock opera “Tommy” live this summer. According to Daltrey, he will perform the opera as a solo act. However, Daltrey will commission the services of several orchestras for accompaniment. So far, the tour is slated to stop in ten different cities. Daltrey will perform with a different orchestra at each stop of the tour. Reportedly, Daltrey is excited to perform with some of the finest orchestras in the continental United States.

After his many achievements with the Who, Roger Daltrey has become a true rock legend. Still, I feel that this artist deserves greater recognition for the depths of his craft. Even though Pete Townshend wrote most of the music for the Who, it is unlikely this band could have succeeded without Daltrey on vocals. After all, Daltrey is known as one of the most expressive and imaginative singers in modern musical history.

Because there are millions of fans of the Who throughout this nation, I have no doubt that Roger Daltrey will have an easy time selling out these shows. I certainly hope that this tour will be commercially successful. If it does prove successful, you can be sure that Daltrey will schedule another tour next year. For years, people have perpetuated the stereotype that rock music is a young man’s game. While there may be some truth to this stereotype, you could also argue that this is an unfortunate generalization. Older singers like Roger Daltrey have a whole lot to offer the world. As a society, we should be more willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. After all, older people can really entertain the crowds at weekend concerts.