Actress Rose McGowan, 44, currently faces a felony warrant in Virginia for drug possession. On January 20, 2017, Rose McGowan took a United flight to Washington Dulles International Airport. According to a spokesperson for the airport, McGowan left belongings behind on the plane. These belongings were allegedly tested for narcotics, and narcotics were allegedly found. The type of drug that was supposedly found in her belongings has not been disclosed.

In the spokesperson’s statement, it was mentioned that the warrant from the January incident was secured in February. It has allegedly been a matter of public record ever since, and police claim to have made efforts to contact McGowan and her team so that the matter can be settled.

A post on Twitter from McGowan acknowledges the warrant and includes claims that the warrant is not founded. Ms. McGowan, who has starred in popular movies and shows like “Charmed,” has been in the media lately because of her comments about Harvey Weinstein, who has been recently accused of sexual harassment and rape. McGowan has made statements that Weinstein raped her earlier in her career. In her Twitter post, she alludes to the idea that the warrant was secured as a means of “silencing” her in her allegations against Weinstein. According to the spokesperson for Washington Dulles International Airport, however, the warrant was secured well before her allegations were made.

There is currently no information available about how or when McGowan plans to handle this legal matter. Another actor who has been mentioned a lot in the media lately in relation to comments about Harvey Weinstein has also recently been arrested for the possession of drugs. His charges were related to the possession of marijuana.