Sabrina Claudio has been making some major waves in the music business after her recent hit “Cross Your Mind” was included in the soundtrack for Fifty Shades Freed. However, she may have not have a release that is more anticipated than her recent collaboration with Khalid on a synth-filled R&B song about two lovers trying to get each other to open up to each other and try harder in their relationship. The track, “Don’t Let Me Down”, which bears no connection to the famous Beatles song of the same name, has been making its rounds on YouTube and has already been listened to by millions of people.
For Khalid, the song is one of many high profile collaborations that he has been working on recently. Amongst these recent releases has been songs that he helped develop for the sound track of the movie Black Panther, which enjoyed enormous success at the box office and helped raise Khalid’s profile even higher than it already was.
However, the hit is far more important for Claudio. Claudio is still a young singer trying to make a name for herself in the music business. Few names could give her more attention than Khalid’s. Her song “Cross Your Mind” did enjoy considerable success after being featured in Fifty Shades Freed, but she is far from the level of superstardom that Khalid has managed to attain. However, with new releases like this one with Khalid coming out and impressing massive audiences, there is no telling where this young star from Miami could go. Her name will surely be one to look out for here in the next few years, and it should not surprise anyone if she appears as a collaborator to other high profile artists like Khalid.