Few people in the music business have enjoyed the success that Latin pop singer Maluma has been experiencing in the last few years. After collaborating with several high profile artists including Shakira and Daddy Yankee, as well as after releasing several hits of his own, Maluma enjoyed over a billion views on YouTube and found himself the holder of the record for most views of any artist in a Spanish speaking country.
Back in 2014, Maluma made it all the way to Madison Square Garden where he played to a massive audience that adored him as he sang along to the early hits that landed him there, like his big breakthrough “La Temperatura”. However, this was a time before Maluma had gained very much respect in the music business, and by many he was considered to still be new to the game. Many people compared him to a Colombian Justin Bieber. However, he has now worked with more famous and respected artists like Shakira, who have elevated his status and gained him some respect in the industry.
More recently when speaking of his music itself, Maluma said that he did not wish to be remembered as a reggaeton star. Instead, he prefers to believe that his music is in its own genre and that the focus of the listeners should not be on categorization but instead directly on him. While some people may reject this idea, at the end of the day it really does not matter because Maluma shows absolutely no signs of slowing down or changing the way that he views himself and his career. If Maluma is right and he really is a genre all on his own, then the Maluma genre must be one of the youngest and most promising around today.