onths after Justice League hit theaters and as the Blu-Ray release approaches in March, the DC Extended Universe fandom is still obsessed with the idea of a “Snyder Cut.” But how much of this coveted film actually exists?

Zack Snyder is credited as the director of Justice League, but left partway through due to the sudden death of his daughter; his colleague Joss Whedon then came on to do reshoots. These turned out to be quite extensive, and the two directors’ styles clashed quite a bit. Many fans believe that a cut of only Snyder’s work would be more coherent, but many involved have claimed that, since Snyder originally intended to do reshoots himself, a full version with his vision cannot be made.

Some have contested this, however. One piece of evidence is a February 2017 comment by Snyder that he was working with digital colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld; this implies that his cut of the film was basically locked. This is also implied by certain scenes which did not end up in the film but were leaked online, with a significant amount of VFX done and notes that it needed approval for the final cut.

Some suspect that Snyder was purposefully trying to finish early, due to the fact that his cut is far longer than could have reasonably been shown in theaters; his films have a history of polarizing theatrical releases that are made into slightly less polarizing DVD releases, including with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. So if it does exist, will Warner Bros. release it? With so much attention there seems little reason not to; even if it turns out to be bad, many fans will want to buy it. For now we will have to wait and see.