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Todd McFarlane Meeting With Actors For Upcoming Spawn Reboot

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The Spawn reboot is finally underway. After attempts from studios to get another film made on the character, Todd McFarlane has finally gotten something going that he is going to write and direct himself. The direction he is going to take is to make it a low budget horror film. This can serve as an intro story to the character. As of right now, Todd is meeting with different actors in order to sign them to key roles. Among the actors that have been met is Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio. As some have stated, seeing Leonardo DiCaprio in a low budget horror film is going to be a really interesting thing.

There is no telling what these key roles are going to be in the film. It wouldn’t be surprising if Jamie Foxx was to take on the titular role with Leonardo DiCaprio playing as Jason Wynn. However, there might be other characters that they have in mind. Given that Spawn is going to be a background character in his own film, he could be just someone in a suit. In this film, it is very likely that Spawn is actually going to be the antagonist with later installments painting him as more of a protagonist.

Spawn is one of a group of comic book characters that are looking to be rebooted on the big screen. Another character that had attempts at a reboot was The Crow. Even though the first Crow film was a success, subsequent films have turned out to be disappointing and they could not live up to the original. The Crow: City of Angels suffered from many things, among which was reshoots and a lot of scenes being chopped out.

Spawn Doesn’t Speak in New Movie

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According to Todd McFarlane, creator of the Spawn comic book, the title character will not speak in his upcoming reboot film, instead being comparable to the shark from Jaws.

The movie is apparently still in its early stages, with the script only now being approved. That means there is a ways to go through casting and pre-production before actual shooting begins.

Spawn is a dark superhero franchise originally created by MacFarlane for Image Comics. It focuses on a Marine who dies, goes to Hell, and is given the chance to return to Earth as a demonic being. He battles various evildoers, both human and supernatural.

The upcoming movie, however, will apparently be more of a horror film. In an interview with AZCentral, McFarlane hyped the concept; he said that Spawn will have a hard “R” rating, and threw some shade on similarly dark superhero entries Deadpool and Logan, saying that this film will offer “true trauma” and a more serious plot than the former’s raunchy comedy or the latter’s violent Western.

He also insists that he will write, produce and direct the film himself, and that these conditions are “non-negotiable,” even if he has to take on a relatively small budget (he expects $8-12 million).

While it is good to know that the creator himself approves of this new direction, some fans of the character may wonder if it is the best choice; after all, Spawn should be the star of his own movie. It is unknown who will he the real protagonist, if not him—the human criminals whom he fights, perhaps? Or maybe Sam Burkle and Twitch Williams, detectives who investigate and eventually ally with the heroic demon in the comic books.