Spotify is a streaming music service that has accumulated more than 140 million active users and 70 million paying customers. They are currently testing an app called Stations on Android. This will enable Spotify users to choose from numerous personalized music stations. Since the app is supported by ads, it is free for Spotify users. The ads are removed for Spotify premium users.

Once users have the app, they can listen to the music immediately, and changing stations is easy. The user then creates personalized stations with their favorite music. The Spotify app was created for iOS and Android, and the music stations are all different genres. Some of the stations are recognizable from the main Spotify app including Discover Weekly and Release Radar. The first appearance resembles the apps original Pandora design. For additional details regarding this app, please visit

The user begins by using their Spotify account to log into the app. The listing for all the recommended stations is easily readable due to the large font. The last station selected will automatically start to play. The app provides choices such as love, play and pause. It is not possible to skip a song and return to a song previously played, or search for specific artists or songs. The concept is users will have to listen to each selection, and give the song a chance.

It is unknown whether the app will become available on additional devices. Currently, Australia is the only place the app is officially available. There is an APK download for the United States, but it is limited to Android 4.0.3 and above. Due to these restrictions, the downloads for the Stations app were below 100 on launching day. According to a spokesperson from Spotify, they are still testing new features.