Jed McCaleb is one of the most known technologists in the United States of America. He is a great programmer and a blockchain cryptocurrency expert. He has an intense interest in the cryptocurrencies. Jed was one of the people who founded the first cryptocurrency field known as the Mr. Gox in the world. He also founded another platform known as the eDonkey 2000 which was a peer to peer file sharing transfer. Jed is the co-founder of the Stellar Development Foundation that was founded in 2014.


After many years in the cryptocurrency field, Jed McCaleb began working on his own project. In 2014, McCaleb and Joyce Kim founded the Stellar Development Foundation. The two came up with the idea after seeing many flaws in the global financial systems. Jed McCaleb, therefore, was determined to develop the best money transfer with limited flaws. Jed has impoverished the monetary system with the Stellar Foundation. He is the leader of the technical development team in the organization. Stellar Foundation has become one of the universal financial networks that focuses increasing economic participation globally.


According to Jed McCaleb, the aim of the Stellar Foundation is to connect the billions of people around the world who are currently unbanked. This will make it affordable for these institutions to provide services to their customers across the world. By doing this, financial institutions are able to provide services to the customers with lower costs and also even to the people who earn low income in the society. Stellar allows money transfers through an open sources financial network which is interconnected globally.


Jed McCaleb plays one of the leading and the important roles in the organization. He is the one coding and building the technical aspects of the organization. He is also tasked with responding to emails and any other technicality associated with the smooth running of the company. The various activities that are pioneered in the Stellar Foundation have been implemented in many financial institutions in the world. Since 2014, Jed McCaleb has upgraded the network and security system of Stellar Foundation hence improving its services drastically.