Legendary director Steven Spielberg is making headlines with reports that he is open to making the next iteration of Indiana Jones a woman. During promotional tours for his latest movie, Ready Player One, The Sun asked Spielberg if a woman could take over for Harrison Ford, who responded that “there would be nothing wrong with that.” While Spielberg’s statement is far from a confirmation that a woman is being considered for the role, it nonetheless makes it a possibility.

Spielberg and Lucasfilm are currently developing Indiana Jones 5, which will mark the final appearance of Harrison Ford in his most famous role as Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr. Spielberg hopes to give fans of Ford’s interpretation of the character a happy final send-off before the role is recast. 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull met with mostly negative reactions from fans of the series, and Spielberg hopes to recapture some of the spirit of the original trilogy of films in part five.

While Spielberg’s statements to The Sun mark the first indication of Lucasfilm being open to a woman portraying Jones, speculation on who will take on the mantle have been stirring in Hollywood ever since Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012. Megastars such as Chris Pratt and Bradley Cooper have all been rumored to be under consideration for the role, with the 2020 film possibly serving as an introduction for the character. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull attempted this with the introduction of Mutt, Indy’s long-lost son, portrayed by Shia LeBeouf. After strong backlash on how the character was portrayed, Spielberg confirmed that LeBeouf would not be part of any future installment of the Indiana Jones series.