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Creators of Stranger Things Sued

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Ross and Matt Duffer, who are the brothers behind the popular Netflix series Stranger Things are being sued by someone who believes that the two stole his idea.

Charlie Kessler says that he met the pair back in 2014, at the Tribeca Film Festival, and that he described to them concepts for a short film entitled Montauk, and that he also talked to them about his plans to develop a feature film based on it, called The Mantauk Project.

On Tuesday, Kessler filed a lawsuit at the Los Angeles County Superior Court. The suit claims that the Duffer brothers — after having had discussions with him — stole his intellectual property and then used it to create Stranger Things, which began airing in 2016. The suit further insists that the two brothers had explicitly agreed not to disclose Kessler’s idea or exploit it.

The lawsuit lists many similarities between Stranger Things and Kessler’s projects. For example, Stranger Things was originally entitled “Montauk” before it was produced. The suit cites many examples of where this title was used in news articles prior to the launch of the show. It also cites similarities in the plots of both projects, including the towns where they take place.

Kessler is not only seeking restitution from the Duffers, but he also wants to destroy all materials that have been made based on his property.

Alex Kohner, who is a lawyer representing the brothers, says that the two have never seen Kessler’s short film or have ever discussed it or any other project with Kessler. He further said that this was just an attempt by Kessler to exploit the Duffer Brother’s success.

So far, Netflix has yet to comment on the suit.

Lawsuit Accuses Stranger Things Of Being A Knockoff

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In 2012, Charlie Kessler released his short film Montauk. Most people haven’t seen that short film, but they might recognize its name. Netflix ordered eight episodes of a television series under the placeholder name “Montauk” in 2015. By July 2016, that same series was released under its now famous title Stranger Things. Millions of people know about the supernatural series created by the Duffer brothers.

Stranger Things was originally set in Montauk, New York, just like Kessler’s short film. At some point in development, the locale was changed to Indiana. Kessler recently served a lawsuit to the Duffer brothers, claiming theft of intellectual property. He believes the Duffer brothers ripped off his short film and a related project. In fact, the lawsuit mentions Kessler pitched Montauk to the brothers in 2014.

After its release, Stranger Things became an international hit with millions of viewers. A second season of the series was ordered soon after the first episode aired. Viewers eagerly await the debut of a third season. Plus, the Duffer brothers have seen their names become well-known. It doesn’t hurt the brothers have earned millions of dollars off their television show, with many more millions to come.

Kessler is seeking damages and credit for being the mind behind Stranger Things. Of course, it’s too early to tell how valid his claims are today. More details will be revealed as the lawsuit progresses. Many television show and movie creators are sued for taking the idea of another filmmaker or writer. A large number of these cases go nowhere, but they sometimes have some validity and result in a settlement.

In Kessler’s case, the details might seem a little too coincidental for onlookers. We won’t know more until the lawsuit heads to the courtroom, if a settlement isn’t reached.

The Cast of ‘Stranger Things’ Will Get Paid More

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“Stranger Things” has been one of the biggest hits on Netflix since it debuted two years ago. The second season of the show was also very popular. Therefore, it only makes sense that the young cast members of the show get financially rewarded for helping to make the show such a success. All of the cast members will be getting very big pay raises before season three starts filming later this year. The rumor is that each cast member will be getting $150,000 for each episode. That is basically a $120,000 per episode raise from season two. This is reasonable considering how popular the show is.

There was some criticism regarding the plot of season two. There were many people who thought the second season did not live up to the excellence displayed by the first season. Fans of the show had very high expectations for season two. However, the general feeling among fans is that the second season played it safe instead of getting darker. It remains to be seen if the writers will go into a darker direction for the third season. Some people thought that some of the smaller and more unimportant plots should be disposed of.

No release date has been revealed yet by Netflix for the third “Stranger Things” season. Filming has not started yet. Therefore, it seems very likely that the season will not debut until the end of this year of the beginning of 2019. Netflix usually does not reveal release dates for any of their shows until just a few months before they debut. This helps to build anticipation from the media and fans. Some critics have said that “Stranger Things” should have only been one season. However, there was no way Netflix was not going to cash in on this surprise hit.