In an interview for the tie-in book Justice League: The Official Collector’s Edition, Superman actor Henry Cavill talks about the research that he did for the role, and specifically mentioned DC Comics’ current “Rebirth” initiative.

“I do indeed—especially with Rebirth, which has just come out,” he said. “I’ve been really diving into that. It’s fun to see where the DC Comics Universe is going, and to see how closely our movie universe is matching it.”

This will no doubt be interesting to fans, as it demonstrates how the films have mirrored both the mistakes and corrections of the comic books.

So far, the DC Extended Universe has largely been based on the “New 52” reboot, which began in 2011. Meant to simplify continuity and modernize the stories, they proved divisive for their darker and grittier take on the subject matter. For example, Superman destroying that jerk’s truck in Man of Steel matches the Superman who beat up an abusive husband in Action Comics #1; his brooding, likewise, matches the New 52 Superman, who feels detached from non-powered humans.

After about five years, the New 52 was deemed largely unsuccessful, and Rebirth began as a deliberate “back to basics” approach. Much of the old continuity returned, and it turned out that the Superman from the New 52 was a different version of the old Superman, who came back (from a different timeline… or dimension… or something, it’s a bit confusing) and resumed his old mantle. This Superman is also happily married to Lois—see the smiling Clark who greeted her in Justice League.

Unfortunately, the shift in that film was too abrupt and proved divisive with fans; hopefully, the franchise can be “Rebirthed” better as it moves forward.