To a superstar, nothing is more important than your voice and your fans. If something happens to either one, a promising career in stardom is instantly doomed. Sza recently sent some tweets that have since been deleted that her voice is permanently injured. There had been some previous issues with her vocals that have caused her to rely on steroids and dedication to try and push through the pain to perform like only she can.


These latest tweets do not offer hope that the situation is getting any better. She has pulled out of the TDE Championship Tour in what disappointed fans hoped was a short rest to recuperate before hitting the music scene again. But on May 29th, she sent the ominous tweet “My voice is permanently injured. Great!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYUUYH!!!!!!!” This post came days after a post on Instagram where the singer said she lost her voice completely.


She continues to use what she can to repair the damage while she works on her next album. But she is heartbroken and sad. She feels with her voice the way it is, it will be her last album. Posting how her world has gotten so much smaller, it is hard not to sympathize and wonder if the damage can be repaired or if her prediction of doom will turn out to be correct. Faithful fans wait in high hopes that modern medicine can turn the tides in their favor and give them their beloved performer back.


TDE founder Top Dawg tweeted more hopeful news to update the fans. He believes she can rest to avoid any permanent damage and promises to make it up to fans in Arizona and New Mexico for the shows she will have to miss. She will continue to see the doctor and Top Dawg promises to keep eager fans updated on her condition.