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Sugarland Returns – With Taylor Swift!

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After a lengthy hiatus, popular country duo Sugarland is back with new music. Their first single in seven years, “Still the Same”, debuted in late 2017 at No. 26 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart. Sugarland also recently released the title track “Bigger” ahead of their upcoming new album, due out on June 8.

For their latest single, “Babe”, Sugarland teamed up with country-pop crossover superstar Taylor Swift. The new single was co-written by Swift and Patrick Monahan (Train) and features Swift’s vocals on the chorus. Swift is the only guest artist featured on Sugarland’s upcoming album.

Swift and Monahan actually wrote the song for Swift’s 2012 “Red”, but the song was not recorded for that album. Swift reportedly offered the song to Sugarland upon hearing of their upcoming reunion. “Babe” is a breakup song about a bad relationship, and is an upbeat ode to moving on from the heartbreak.

Although Swift seemingly left country music behind for the pop world with her 2014 release of “1989”, the hit country song “Better Man” was also written by Swift. “Better Man” was record by Little Big Town for their 2017 album “The Breaker”. Swift and Little Big Town received several CMA and Grammy nominations for the collaboration, with Swift winning the CMA Song of the Year award.

Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush have both been busy during their hiatus from Sugarland. Nettles released 3 solo albums and is a proud mother. Bush has kept busy with his own solo album and as an in-demand songwriter and producer. Swift is heading out soon on her “Reputation” stadium tour in support of her 2017 pop album.

New Taylor Swift Video To Be Released On Spotify

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Pop music star, Taylor Swift has had a change of heart when it comes to doing business with Spotify. The singer had written a scathing piece about the streaming industry several years ago where she blasted streaming services like Spotify. Her editorial attacking music streaming was published in the Wall Street Journal and quickly gained notoriety. Swift then removed her music from streaming services such as Spotify and was associated with a distrust of music streaming.

Now it seems that the bad blood between the music streaming industry and pop star Taylor Swift is buried in the past. Swift’s records have reappeared on Spotify, where fans can now listen to her music once again. In another move of rapprochement, Swift has announced that a brand new video for one of her hit songs will be released exclusively on Spotify. The new video is for the song called Delicate.

Taylor Swift even made a brief clip where she encouraged fans to come check out her new video on Spotify. She tweeted out the message and clip, which was then retweeted by the CEO of Spotify with three flame emojis. We assume the three flame emojis are a symbolism of the excitement that CEO, Daniel EK had when he heard the news.

Having music stars such as Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber work with music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music are a big plus for the music streaming industry as a whole. When such stars blast the industry, they create mistrust and confusion for fans and people who want to listen to music. It is good to see a rapprochement occur between Swift and Ek. They are both big players in the music industry right now, and if they work together, they can achieve some big things.

Swift’s announcement of her exclusive new video comes at the same time that Apple Music announced it is getting into the music video act as well. Apple Music said that it would have exclusive videos for artists such as Beck and a Tribe Called Quest. Perhaps the Taylor Swift announcement has something to do with competition between Apple Music and Spotify? It sure seems like it.

Taylor Swift Has the Number One Selling Album

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Taylor Swift’s career shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. She has yet another number one album in the United States to her credit. ‘Reputation’ is her latest album to reach the top of the charts in America. It has been number one for two consecutive weeks. The last album to do that in the United States was Jay-Z’s most recent album. Swift’s album reaching the top spot prevented the new album from country music superstars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill from debuting on top. Their album is called ‘The Rest of Our Life.’

It is interesting that Swift would block McGraw and Hill from the top spot on the album chart. This is because Swift began her career as primarily a country artist before eventually crossing over into pop music. She admits to being heavily influenced by the music of both Hill and McGraw. Swift would later record a song with McGraw that became a big hit. This is the fourth straight album that Swift has released that has been at the top of the charts for its first two weeks of release. It has already sold almost 1.5 million copies.

Taylor Swift has been able to do what most of her pop music counterparts have not. She has been able to maintain a huge fan base who will keep buying her albums year after year. This trend does not seem like it will be coming to an end. Many pop stars lose their young fans when they get older and get interested in other types of music. However, Swift’s audience of young girls has grown up with her. Therefore, they relate to her in a much different way than most fans of a musician. Swift has announced that she will be going on tour again in 2018.