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Bruno Fagali, The decorated Law Administrator

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     Bruno Fagali is an administrative lawyer from the people’s republic of Brazil. He is based in the Brazilian towns of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. He is a learned gentleman who has a bachelor’s degree in law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo that he acquired in the year two thousand and nine. Bruno then proceeded to specialize in administrative law and obtain a masters in state law from the same university.

Bruno Fagali is an excellent administrator of the law as he has been associated with some legal firms like the Getulio Vargas Foundation. Dating as early as two thousand and six. He has made a name for himself as a result of his significant involvement in the reforms of the Brazilian legal system. Currently, he serves as the corporate integrity manager for Nova and Sb where he is charged with the task of design, management, review, and implementation of the compliance of the advertising agency.

He is a social person with a deep love for his society at large. There are many cases known among the Brazilian folk depicting Bruno carrying out community work for the public in the earlier years of his life. Moreover, he is an entrepreneur of sorts; as such, he has taken the liberty of starting his law firm known as Fagali Advocacy. A firm that is associated with handling cases ranging from corporate law, criminal cases and business-related cases among many others. Fagali handles cases with intimacy and experiences that can be alluded to his skill set derived from numerous internships undertaken by him during each year of his studies. He has been noted as being on the young generation of lawyers bring positives reforms to the legal industry in various parts of the globe. Additionally, Fagali is an educator of the general public on the law as can be evidenced by the number of articles and publications produced by him in various writing across the country. With the reputation that he has carved for himself, there is no denying that he will be around for a long time to come.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Why Current Recovery Is A Just A Chicken Fight

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     Fiscal budgetary deficits, high taxes, and manipulative business regulation threaten to tank the already bruised Brazilian economy. The country has for the past few years seen a consistent decline in performance of the national economy with the government doing little to help. It is however quick to publicize minimal improvements that such industry titans as Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi can only refer to as chicken flight. Carlos goes further to explain this short-lived boom arguing while warning businesses not to get too complacent but brace for harder times.


Cyclical economy

Speaking during a recent World Economic Forum session held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi supported the chicken flight claims by arguing that the country had adopted a cyclical economic trend. This means that it isn’t growing but rather experiences short-lived episodes of market recovery that are closely followed by recession. He compared the current economic recovery being experienced by different industries in Brazil to the 2016 boom that precedent a severe halt in the financial period leading to 2017.

Therefore, instead of getting comfortable with the boom, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is of the opinion that businesses should brace for tough times ahead. He would nonetheless mention that the country can still escape this tedious cycle and revamp their economy by implementing a series of legislative reforms. Such would include policies that seal holes within the public accounts departments as well as others that set a ceiling to government spending.


Cushioning majority citizens

According to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the economic turmoil experienced in the country has also exposed the inequalities between the majority of the citizens and the elites. For instance, some individuals receive pensions 15 times the maximum allowable in the private sector. The long-term banking industry player would point to this as one of the causes of the ever-burgeoning public sector budget. He would go on to point at this as the primary reasons he is backing the calls for the pension reforms that would harmonize pension payments within the public sector.


About Luiz Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has carved himself a niche in the Brazilian Banking and investment industry where he is considered one of the most followed opinion shapers. The fete is well deserved considering it was acquired after years of hard work in the industry and climbing the ladder to head one of the country’s biggest bank, Banco Bradesco S.A. Here, Luiz Carlos serves as its chairman to the board, a position he assumed in 2017 as well as Chief Executive Officer, a position he has occupied since 2009.


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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Chooses Replacement For Presidency Of Bradesco

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     Throughout his long career at Grupo Bradesco, one of the largest banks in the country of Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has enjoyed a great deal of success as an executive across many of the business’ different lines. One of the areas in which Trabuco had made one of the largest contributions was in the area of the company’s insurance underwriting arm, Bradesco Seguros. There, Trabuco was able to radically transform and grow the insurance underwriting division, eventually turning it into one of the largest underwriters of retail insurance policies in the area of home and auto insurance in all of Latin America.

Therefore, it was not terribly surprising to many to learn that Trabuco had decided to appoint as his successor in the presidency of Bradesco a man who had long been at the helm of the same division in which Trabuco himself had enjoyed so much success. Octavio de Lazari has been at the head of Bradesco Seguros for more than 5 years. During that time he has continued to post strong profits and has led the division on to expand into numerous other lines of insurance. Trabuco has said that the ability of any new president that he would appoint to quickly and nimbly spot market opportunities and then create products that can adequately exploit them is one of the key traits that he would be looking for in the replacement for his old position of CEO.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco himself has been quite an innovator as well. During his time as the executive of the bank’s financial planning division, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was able to create a highly novel system of incentives for some of the wealthiest clients in Brazil. His ability to attract hundreds of the richest people throughout Brazil and Latin America led to an influx of billions of dollars in new deposits into the bank. Given the nature of the fractional reserve banking system, this influx avenue capital allowed the bank to make tens of billions of dollars in new loans, skyrocketing it through the ranks of Brazilian financial institutions and eventually leading it to become the single largest private banking institution in the country.

Now, as Luiz Carlos Trabuco continues his career with a bank, he won’t have the opportunity to continue to provide strategic leadership in the same kind of strong vision that he has made part and parcel of his tenure in leadership positions with the bank over the last 30-plus years.

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Selling For IDLife

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     People who are passionate about health and fitness can make money off of their passion. IDLife is an innovative company that has come up with some of the best solutions for weight loss. At the same time, it is also one of the companies that offers something for people to make money at. After all, one of the best ways for people to lose weight and achieve higher levels of fitness is by basing their career around it. Fortunately, IdLife has something for people to get involved in that is actually very simple and also very lucrative for people who are passionate about health and fitness.

One thing that IDLife has for people is an opportunity for people to make a lot of money off of what they enjoy. They can sign up and meet all of the requirements that are set forth by the company. Then they will be given all of the tools needed for marketing which include a website. The only thing people have to do is get involved in communities that are relevant to IDLife so that they will be able to make the sales. One of the best places to go for weight loss is social media.

When people build their online presence and show themselves as examples of health and fitness, then they will inspire others to take part in these fitness goals. One of the best types of people to reach are those who are struggling with their weight. Perhaps they will find the right person or the right insights that will help them make the right choices in their diet. One thing that is important for people to have is knowledge. This can help them find out what is missing from their diet in order to help them lose weight and get in the shape that they have always wanted.

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Bruno Fagali on the Changes of Beer Labels in Brazil

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     Bruno Fagali established his own advocacy a few years ago and the law firm is going steadily towards the future. He is a Brazilian lawyer on the rise that has turned his gaze towards entrepreneurship in the line of work quite early and is already growing his business.

Bruno Fagali specializes in several disciplines such as administrative law, state law, urban law, compliance, and many other spheres. He is also fond of discussing news from the various fields of law and providing his readers with an overview of new and changed regulations laws as well as offer some insight into the matters. Bruno Fagali publishes his articles on the blog of his Fagali Advocacy.

Most recently, lawyer Bruno Fagali talked about the regulation changes in regard to beer labels. The government of the country is in the process of transforming the foods and beverage market into a more transparent place for consumers. Beer labels have also been subject to that change as their labels feature the ingredient “unmalted cereal”. This can refer to a variety of grain such as soy, corn, wheat, and more. It can also mean a blend of several grans.

In the past few months, the beer manufacturers in the country have been overhauling their beer labels. The manufacturers greeted the new regulation unfavorably nation-wide but their disapproval was met with several suggestions on how to proceed. First off, manufacturers made the point that unmalted cereals in the beer vary significantly, sometimes from one month to another. There are many factors that influence that such as geographic location, season, economic changes and prices of the grains.

The judge who issued the new regulation stated that there is a way to overcome that problem and prompted an overhaul of the labeling system. He suggested visual changes that would help signify if the unmalted cereal is soy or corn, or a blend between the two. The judge added that as long as there are ways to meet the regulations, companies have no reason not to work towards that goal and succeed. After all, the consumer deserves to know precisely what their eating and drinking.


Dr. Dov Rand, a Medical Doctor who specializes in Anti-Aging.

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The focus of Dr. Dov Rand’s practice is summed up in its name, Healthy Aging Medical Centers. It is located in West Orange, New Jersey. The practice helps patients to restore their bodies to an ideal state of health. Beginning by focusing on restoring healthy hormone levels, educating patients on proper nutrition and supplementation, and exercise.

Dr. Dov Rand starts by teaching his patients the balance of eating a healthy amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. He also teaches patients about supplementation. This includes the benefits of ingesting the proper amounts and types of Fish Oil, Vitamin D, and other key vitamins and minerals that assist the patient’s metabolism.

Dr. Dov Rand is well known in the community as a specialist in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement. As we age the “bad” hormones in our bodies increase; while the “good” hormones in our bodies decrease. It is possible to restore the balance of these hormones back to a youthful state. Dr. Dov Rand is able to assist his patients to achieve the health of a much younger person. These patients see improvement in vitality, vigor, increased muscle strength, weight loss, improved cholesterol profiles, cancer and other disease prevention.

Not all hormones are equal so it is important to seek the expertise of a specialist, such as Dr. Dov Rand when attempting to restore hormonal balances. There are two main types of hormone therapy: those that are chemically identical to the ones in your body and those that are synthetic hormones. Chemical hormones are not safe, numerous studies have shown them to be damaging to the body. On the other hand, Bioidentical hormones, are safe and effective.

Dr. Dov Rand’s comprehensive approach to optimal health and age management includes exercise. Strength training and cardio are necessary for achieving optimal health. There are many benefits to exercise including increased muscle mass and decreased body fat.

By educating his patients about restoring a healthy hormone balance, nutrition, and exercise Dr. Dov Rand is proving to be leading the charge against aging. His patients can live a fuller life regardless of their age.


End Citizens Uniteds Poll Shows ORourke Closing In On Cruz Fast

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     A poll underwritten by End Citizens United seems to show that Beto O’Rourke of the Democrats is fast closing in on Ted Cruz of the GOP. The poll apparently indicated that Cruz’s lead over O’Rourke is just 45 to 37 percent, a narrow margin. This was markedly different at the start of the year when the campaign team of Cruz claimed that the incumbent senator from Texas has an 18 percent lead over his rival O’Rourke. Google, at that time, almost had the same results with Cruz leading around 14 percent. At any rate, it now appears that in just one month, O’Rourke’s chances of winning have significantly increased.

Last year, the Democrats were able to snatch 34 seats, most of which are in places that have voted traditionally for the GOPs. It is therefore not a surprise that the End Citizens United survey shows that O’Rourke is gaining fast on Cruz. While stealing Cruz’s seat is not the primary focus of the election cycle of 2018, it will certainly encourage the Democrats if O’Rourke wins the seat.

Public Policy Pulling already has a history of failed election predictions, considering its 2009 survey with results that did not materialize. That particular survey supposedly showed that nearing the 2010 GOP primary for governor, U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison has a lead of 25 percentage points over Governor Rick Perry. The actual figure was 56 percent to 31 percent. But Rasmussen Reports released its own survey indicating that Perry was very much ahead, approximately 46 percent to 36 percent. Ultimately, after the actual vote was counted, Perry won the contest.

In that light, this latest Public Policy Polling survey commissioned by End Citizens United showing that O’Rourke is trailing Cruz by only eight point percentage (45 percent to 37 percent) seems to be self-serving. Considering that End Citizens United is primarily composed of Democrats targeting financial and electoral reform, the poll results are surprisingly almost the same as that of other surveys. That means O’Rourke is polling like he is an organic Democrat. For instance, in another Public Policy Polling survey, almost every individual polled gave an opinion on Ted Cruz – 38 percent favorable and 49 percent unfavorable. On the other hand, 61 percent of those polled didn’t offer their opinion on Beto O’Rourke.

End Citizens, a political action committee is an organization in the United States that is fighting for fiscal and electoral reforms. This political organization is undertaking initiatives that are designed to reverse the 2010 decision of the U.S. Supreme Court that it handed down in the case Citizens United v. FEC. This decision effectively deregulates the limits on the amount being spent by independent expenditure groups for or against any specific candidates. ECU wants to drive big money out of politics, and is working for the election of people they call “campaign-finance reform champions.”

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The Winter Olympics Welcome North Korea

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With the 2018 winter Olympics beginning one month from today, most people believed the list of participating countries was finalized. Early this morning, however, a latecomer was added to the list.

South Korea’s northern counterpart has expressed interest in sending a team to Pyeongchang for the Olympic games. After an official ‘high-level’ meeting of executives from each country, North Korea’s participation in the 2018 games became official.

What Else was Discussed at the Meeting?

North Korea’s addition to the Olympic roster may not have been the most important part of the countries’ meeting. South Korea has since told reporters that many other important topics were discussed, including the reunion of families driven apart by the Korean war, agreements over the North’s nuclear policy and several other high-profile issues.

The countries have not held such a meeting for over two years, and many are hopeful the Olympics meeting can serve as the start of a restorative 2018 for south and north relations. Perhaps February 9th’s opening ceremony will feature athletes from each of the feuding countries, in a flashback to the Olympic games of 2006, walking together in harmony.

What to Expect of the Olympics

So far, the 2018 winter Olympics are making a big splash in the media. From Russia’s ban from participation to the extreme security measures anticipated around Pyeongchang’s Olympic village, these winter games will look different than they have in years past

Despite their last-minute involvement, the actual composition of a North Korean team is still up in the air. Only two of their athletes qualified for the Olympics, and special arrangements still need to be made for their late registrations.

The Goal of the American Institute of Architects

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     In 2011 the American Institute of Architects made Robert Ivy the Executive Vice President and CEO of their organization. Founded in 1857, The American Institute of Architects consists of over 90,000 members and has over 300 chapters, spread throughout the United States and the world. It is one of the largest organization for professional architects in the world. The organizations gala is to promote ethical work and design practices and to display the importance of architecture in modern society.

As the Executive Vice President and CEO of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy is in charge of the organizations head office in Washington D.C. He oversees 206 employees and is office operates on an annual budget of $56 million. His position makes him responsible for overseeing the dispersal of architecture knowledge. He is also in charge of solving any internal problems with designs or ethics.

Robert Ivy attended Sewanee: The University of the South and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. He then attended Tulane University, graduating with a Masters of Architecture degree.

During his career in architecture, he has held many different positions. In 1996 he became the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record, a magazine based on architecture and interior design. He was the Vice President and Editorial Director for McGraw-Hill Construction Media. In this position, Ivy oversaw the publications of many different writings, including Architectural Record: China and The Magazine of Sustainable Design, two popular architecture magazines. He also held the position of principal with Ivy Architecture and was a managing partner of Dean/Dale Dean and Ivy.

Ivy has received several awards and accolades during his career. In 2009 he won the Crain Award from American Business Media, their most prestigious award. In 2010 the nation architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi awarded him the rank of Master Architect.

Ivy remains one of the most revered leaders in the architecture community. He has a large amount of respect for the American Institute of Architecture and the goals they have set. He plans to continue serving the architecture community and to ensure that architects worldwide meet ethical and professional standards.

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The global efforts of the American Institute of Architects

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     In 1981 Robert Ivy, an American Architect, began working as a principal for Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy. Before this he was educated at Sewanee: The University of the South and Tulane University. He worked as a principal through 1996. The same year he became the Editor in Chief for a monthly design and architecture publication called Architectural Record. While Ivy worked for Architectural Record, the magazine won several awards and honors, such as the premier magazine journalism award and seven Ozzies: Folio Design Awards.

Next, Mr. Ivy Was made Vice President and Editorial Director of a media company called McGraw-Hill Construction. It was here that Ivy oversaw the publication of a number of architect and design magazines, such as Constructor, ENR, and Architectural Record: China.

In 2001 Ivy published a biography of Fay Jones titled Fay Jones: Architect. The subject of the book, Fay Jones, was an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright. The book was praised by the Art Library Society of North America.

The American Institute of Architects made Ivy their Executive Vice President and CEO in 2011. He holds this position currently. In this job, Ivy oversees the Washington D.C. office of the American Institute of Architects, its headquarters. Ivy’s office has 206 employees and a budget of $56 million. This office works with the nearly 300 organization chapters located around the globe.

The American Institute of Architects was created in 1857 and currently has over 90,000 members. The organization aims to provide education, community volunteering, and government advocacy. The members of the American Institute of Architects follow a code based on ethical and professional practices and conduct. This code is in place to strengthen the trust between the public and architects.

In his position as Executive Vice President and CEO, Robert Ivy ensures that the goals of the American Institute of Architects are met. This means that Ivy ensures that all members are meeting the requirements of the organization’s code. He is also responsible for spreading public awareness of the importance of architecture and design.

Mr. Ivy has been applauded for his hard work. He received the Crain Award from American Business Media in 2009, and in 2010 he was named a Master Architect of Alpha Rho Chi, an architectural fraternity.

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