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Successful Brazilian Entrepreneur, Alexandre Gama

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     Alexandre Gama is a professional in advertising and communications industry. He is the chief creative officer, CEO, and founder at Neogama, one of the leading Brazilian advertising agencies. He is the first Brazilian to become the Chief Creative Officer to head the global network of agencies. Gama is popular for his exceptional entrepreneurial skills and his core roles at Publicis Groupe Global Creative Board committee.

Gama attended Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation where he earned a degree in advertising and communications. He began his advertising career in 1982 while working at Standard Ogilvy & Mather as a copywriter and a creative. Gama also worked at DM9 as a creative director and a copywriter where he emerged as the best-awarded copywriter. Besides, Gama worked at Young & Rubicam as the chief executive, chief creative officer, and a board member.

In 1999, Gama first established Neogama agency through which he promoted and supported most of the good practices exercised up to date in various communication industries within Brazil. Besides his primary roles, Gama was actively involved in the music industry. He founded VIOLAB, an instrumental Brazilian guitar project in 2014.

Neogama remained a major shareholder in its partnership with BBH agency and was equally named the agency of the year in 2002.Gama became an investor and share holder at Briggs Automotive Company. This British company, found in Liverpool is particularly renowned for producing world-class sports cars. Finally, Gama managed to win 23 Lions at Cannes Festival and successfully performed as a jury three times in the press and film.

1999 Gama

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     1999 was the year that the straw finally broke the camel’s back – at least for Brazilian copy creator Alexandre Gama, who has been more than well known in his country for creating inspiring, original copy pieces with each publication. He delivers no less than fine quality work each time, and several agencies – as well as Wikipedia pages – can well attest to this fact alone. In 1999 specifically, though, something extraordinary happened – of which many global residents still remember: 1999 was the year in which all people were preparing for what they then called the Great Y2K. People has supposed that all online systems and financial markets would crash in the following year, which did not happen.

What did happen, though, was that Gama started his first business for copywriting and advertising needs all around: Neogama. Neogama still stands. It fights for stories and the country’s truth.


Staying Protected Against Ransomware

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I had heard the cyber attacks to an increasingly big threat to today’s computer users. I didn’t really believe them until I was the victim of one of these attacks. Everyone who uses a computer needs to wake up about this. The WannaCry ransomware attacks on May of this year are a recent example of the ever-present danger. That attack saw Randomware placed on around 300,000 computers in more than 150 countries.


One of the foremost among these cybersecurity companies is Rubica. Rubica has been providing its impressive services for more than a decade. They very effectively monitor the data and identify threats for their clients. They are committed to protecting private citizens from cyber criminals who want to steal personal information for their own profit. They are easy to use with Rubica apps that can be downloaded to smartphones, tablets and computers. Trust me, you need to have this kind of protection.

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Media industry in Mexico and the role of Salvi Rafael in Televisa

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     The media industry in Mexico has been growing rapidly. Not long ago, the country had only one cable TV, but now it has more than six cable news channel. In the television sector, Televisa and TV Azteca are the leading brands. Televisa has been accused of supporting the view of the government rather than performing serious investigative journalism.

Newspapers are also coming out strongly and have invested more of their resources in internet news. The leading brands include El Universal which was founded by Felix and Emilio in 1916. It covered the creation of New Mexico constitution and its revolution. The brand is said to have more than 3 million visitors each month. Other newspaper brands are Reforma, La Jornada, and El Universal among others.

Mexico is still drone with political activities but a new generation of media has come up that is changing the trends. Magazines in Mexico have a strong online presence and legacy media. Most of the newspaper customers read on their mobile phones and tablets than on computers. The brands have therefore embraced mobile readers and are working towards responding to what the public is searching for. Mexico has the highest rate of smart phone penetration in Latin America. It is seen by the action of El Universal of establishing a shift strategy.

About Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero

     Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is the chief executive officer of Group Televisa S.A.B. He is also the chief financial officer and director of the Televisa Group at Inova. Salvi serves as the vice president of administrative and financial Group Televisa S.A.B. He was previously the vice president of financial planning in televise and the chief executive officer at Comercio Mas. He also served as the financial manager and general manager at Comercio Mas. He has been the director at Televisa since 2002. Apart from serving in Televisa, Salvi serves in other organizations under different capacities. For instance, he is a board member of Mexder, Proveedor Integra, Mercado Mexicano and FS unit 3007 Inc.

Karl Heideck

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     Any time that you need the help of a litigation attorney, you will need to factor in some words of advice to consider. The more that you know about hiring a great litigator, the easier it will be for you to make this a reality. There are litigators who represent individuals and companies in a lot of different capacities, which is why you owe it to yourself to get help as soon as you need it. Consider these tips below so that you can do whatever you need to do in order to hire a great litigator.

#1: Understand exactly what you are getting from a litigator

When hiring litigation attorneys, it is critical that you find someone who has the education, skills and focus to carry your case to the end. Litigators are people who have graduated grad school and passed the State Bar in order to represent people with a variety of trial case needs. For example, one person might need criminal defense, while another requires someone to go through the discovery stage of a lawsuit.

#2: Find out how much they charge

You have options for attorneys in Philadelphia, so take your time when searching. Karl Heideck is a litigator who not only brings a knowledge and experience base that you can’t find everywhere, but also affordable prices. He also tries some of his cases pro bono.

#3: Learn how long they have been in business

To know that you are hiring a lawyer that can serve you, you should see how long they have been practicing. In the case of Karl Heideck, he has over 10 years of experience in litigation. Karl Heideck also graduated with honors from the James E. Beasley school of Law and quickly became a recognized name in the Philadelphia legal scene. Hiring Karl Heideck gives you the opportunity to know your litigation claim will be handled with expertise.

So what are you waiting for? If you go by these guidelines, you will be in a really good position to hire the litigator that is able to represent you. Since litigation is a very important area of law that requires the hands-on attention of a qualified professional, get in touch with Karl Heideck if you need service.

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Success Academy Develops a New Online Learning Platform for Educators

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Eva Moskowitz is the founder and CEO of Success Academy, and she says that she had two key goals she was looking forward to achieving when she launched Success Academy. These include opening high-performing schools and working towards broad and improved education in America. Success Academy is the biggest charter school network in New York City, and it was established ten years ago. When she launched the schools, she had no plan to expand operations outside of New York City, but recently a new online platform developed by the school is expected to extend their services beyond New York. Moskowitz together with other leaders in the academy revealed about Success Academy Education Institute which is a free online portal offering access to rich development resources for educators. It holds the curriculums and other development strategies applied in the 41 schools of success academy across the city.

Moskowitz said that there are many kids in the country who are enrolled in schools that do not teach them how to read and write or do mathematics and science at basic levels and they are proud to be able to change that situation. She added that the online platform is a great way for them to share their strategies and support educators in the country and outside the country. Moskowitz withdrew from the consideration of her being an education secretary candidate under Trump as the president. Success Academy works towards closing the attainment gap and cultivating academic results of low-income students of color and through their successful operations, they won a Broad Prize worth $250,000. The award is meant to support readiness programs in colleges such as campus visits and scholarships.

The Education Institute platform offers all schools of Success Academy literacy curriculums for basic levels as low as kindergarten through fourth grade. This is every crucial and first step of their big picture of introducing teachers all over the country to the mantra of Success Academy. One of the future plans of Success Academy is to establish a teachers training college at Hudson Yards in Manhattan whereby kindergarten students learn from an inbuilt lab school through eighth grade. Numerous emails were sent to over 15,000 educators in the verge of promoting the online platform, and those who will sign on them would be invited to conferences, workshops and in-person training sessions at Hudson Yards facility.

College Admissions: What Every High School Scholar — and Parent — Should Know

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WEN by Chaz’s Healthy Hair Hack

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     Hair hack videos and articles often migrate throughout the internet, as much of these content creators express that if you use dry shampoo and wash your hair less, your hair health is bound to improve. However, dirty hair isn’t always the best hair. Although many people who support the “infrequently wash your hair” trend have a point, (which is that the hair’s natural oils are necessary for optimal health) dirty hair isn’t the only way to keep those precious oils. WEN by Chaz offers a cleansing conditioner, which is gentle enough to refrain from stripping the hair’s natural oils, yet effective enough to get the hair clean.

There are many benefits of swapping your traditional shampoo for WEN by Chaz’s cleansing conditioner. One of these benefits would be that only one product is needed to both cleanse and condition. Another benefit is that the hair becomes healthier due to two reasons: no irritating dry shampoos needed and the preservation of natural oils (as mentioned above). Third, the process of cleansing and conditioning hair is quicker than ever, as only one product has to make its way in and out of the hair. Best of all is that these cleansing conditioners are free of harsh chemicals, as well as suitable for both women and men, cleaning through thick and thin hair. With a new and effective product that is made for multiple different types of hair, who wouldn’t want to try it out? It may just be the next best thing!

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A Man of Principles, Ethics and Professionalism –Bruno Fagali

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     Bruno Fagali is among Brazil’s top attorneys. He’s the founder of a law firm called Fagali advocacy. His firm focuses on anti-corruption, election, public law, and compliance. Bruno’s clients prefer him because of his professionalism and integrity. He is an administrative lawyer who specializes in civil law. Some of the cases he handles include public actions, expropriation actions, civil liability process, urban law, regulatory law and administrative improbity actions. Bruno has practiced law for a long time, but he became an independent attorney in 2016.


Mr. Fagali is the corporate integrity manager of Nova/SB, a company that offers advertising services in Brazil. Nova/SB has done advertisement campaigns for some international organizations, multinationals, and the government. As the corporation integrity manager, Bruno Fagali helps the company to run the ethics committee. Thanks to his leadership, Nova/SB treats employees and members equally. Bruno also teaches employees from different departments about integrity.


Public funds are always subject to a number of vices, which include corruption. Fagali works towards cleaning up the administration systems of corporations, organizations and the Brazilian government. He ensures that government bids and contracts are handled with integrity and fairness. Bruno Fagali has made a name for himself as a man who doesn’t condone any form of corruption. Through rigorous training on ethics, Bruno has enabled various firms to embrace transparency in every operation.


Fagali began his career as an intern in various prominent law firms located in Sao Paulo. Before founding Fagali Advocacy, he served at Radi, Calil, and Associates as an attorney. Bruno Fagali has an impressive education background. He studied Law at the Pontifical Catholic University and holds a Master’s degree in Administrative Law. Over the years, he has attended short courses to advance his knowledge in legal issues, especially anti-corruption and public law. Some of the institutions he attended for these courses include the Legal Ethics Compliance and RHS Bids.


The Sao Paulo-based attorney can speak Portuguese, English, French as well as Spanish fluently. While studying at the University of Sao Paulo, he made significant academic contributions to the institution’s curriculum department. Bruno Fagali spends his spare time participating in charities and enjoying outdoor activities. He’s an executive member of the Brazilian I.


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A Review Of Hussain Sajwani’s Success With DAMAC Group

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Billionaire Hussain Sajwani is confident of that his business relationship with Trump Organization, Donald Trump’s real estate firm, will continue to thrive. DAMAC Properties, which was founded by Hussain Sajwani, partnered with President Trump’s company to develop the Trump International Golf Club. So far, the property’s luxury villas have generated over $2 billion in sales. After he assumed power, most people feared that the president would engage in business, thus creating a potential conflict of interest. To this end, President Trump promised that he would not engage in any new business deals during his tenure. Hussain Sajwani told NBC News that his relationship with the Trumps extends to Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric, Trump’s children.

The DAMAC Owner contends that his company started operations by working for the United States Army during the renowned Desert Storm operation as a catering service. Owing to their outstanding performance, the company was contracted to work for the Americans in the Gulf, Bosnia and Somalia. Hussain Sajwani says that DAMAC Group went on to work for large American corporations such as Bechtel. The food service company is part of DAMAC Group, as it serves as a reminder of Sajwani’s first business and his ability to network with his friends, who work for international corporations.

With the recovery of property prices in the UAE and acceptance of foreigners to own properties in the country, Hussain Sajwani re-engineered DAMAC Properties to focus on the real estate business. He went ahead to undertake the company’s initial public offering (IPO) by listing the corporation’s shares in the London Stock Exchange. After he purchased land, Hussain Sajwani managed to sell many units of the 38-story residential building six months before commencing construction. Through DAMAC Properties, the shrewd entrepreneur has been able to enhance the image of Dubai as a glitzy destination.

On New Year’s Eve, President Trump delivered a speech at his Mar-a-Lago resort, which is based in Florida, before 800 paying guests. He praised his business partners around the globe, including Dubai. In particular, the president thanked Hussain Sajwani family for attending the event. He went on to say that they were the most beautiful people and were enjoying every moment of the celebrations. The president’s transition team contended that Trump and Hussain Sajwani did not engage in any discussion about their business partnership. Notably, Hussain has supported various charitable initiatives, including donating AED two million towards a Ramadan project seeking to cloth a million children around the world.

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Richard Mishaan Design and the Story of its Latest Interior Designing Mission

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Richard Mishaan Design, an architectural firm founded by Richard Mishaan, does the interior designing of Mishan’s residence in New York. As the Chief of the company, Mishaan tried to experiment with the home and filled it with artworks and other interior designing options. As an ultimate mix master, he modified his residence located near the Central Park and has made a complete transformation with museum-quality artworks and fine quality furniture. Similar to how he works, Richard Mishaan did not follow any standard procedure for design in the interior works and followed what his mind said to him.



The attraction of the new design is clearly visible in the entrance hall well as it has a Guy de Rougement table at the center of the room with a stainless steel sculpture by Zhan Wang placed on top of the table. The walls have exuberant assortment works from Rob Wynne to Federico Andreotti, an Italian painter of 19th century. With cerulean-blue cove ceilings and green-white marble floor along with artwork and furniture giving a unique experience. The living room gets the extravaganza of an impressive bronze chair. Additionally, Richard Mishaan added Piero Fornasetti carpets with individualized designs with colors ranging from red, blue, black, and green to the public space in the apartment. The master bedroom in the apartment offers a visual drama with David Hockney painting decorates the wall and Valdés metal bust added to the bed table to provide an incredible positive vibration.



Richard Mishaan has specialized knowledge in fashion and cultural roots along with architecture and interior design. This great mix of knowledge helps him to provide unique interior designing works to his customers that are impressive and best-valued. Richard Mishaan has an excellent understanding of the difference between luxury and quality and gives greater importance to customer’s opinions in interior designing and architecture.



Richard Mishaan was born in Colombia and completed his BA from New York University and later completed Architecture from Columbia University School of Architecture. He started his career with Philip Johnson as an apprentice. Mishaan published two books named Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury, which details his concepts regarding interior designing and architecture.




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