Heart failure patients who used a Nintendo Wii were more likely to exercise and improve their quality of life than those who were just to exercise 30 minutes per day. The Nintendo Wii has games that allow people to mimic playing tennis and bowling.

Tiny Jaarsma was one of the authors who was involved with the study. The study involved 605 patients. The patients were placed in one of two groups. One group was given standard exercise advice. The other group was told to exercise with a video game. The study lasted for three months.

The results of the study showed that the subjects who were told to play a video game were able to walk 33 meters further on the six-minute walk test. They also had a better quality of life. Additionally, they noticed an improvement in depression and anxiety symptoms.

The researchers noticed that the amount of time that the subjects spent playing the games didn’t seem to matter. Every patient who played a video game noticed an improvement in their symptoms after playing a video game for three months. It did not matter how sick they were before the study started.

Tiny stated that exercise is something that is recommended for people who have heart failure. However, many people do not do it because they are too tired. Others do not exercise because the weather is too bad. That is why playing video games is the ideal choice for people who have heart failure. Many people think that playing video games is fun, and it can be done indoors.