As of late much has been written about the success of the innovative independent financial advisor Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, a company known as an RIA or Registered Investment Firm based out of Austin, Texas.

The basis for Wealth Solutions revolves around it’s founder’s core belief in human potential, and every individual’s need for developing an inherently strong and stable game-plan directed towards personal financial achievement.

Richard Blair is a man in the business of providing his clientele with the necessary tools to reach their goals pertaining to retirement as well as overall wealth management.

Richard Blair’s company crafts personalized approaches for every person, each created with three tenants or pillars as guidelines. Firstly, a client is assisted in analyzing the big picture.

Their plan is examined from a to z, in an effort to lay out a step by step guide for them to follow. These steps serve as a connection of movements to guide one toward particular goals.

Strengths and weaknesses are considered, and the groundwork is laid for people to shape their financial futures.

Finally, all issues surrounding insurance and annuities are analyzed and prepared for. Blair is a principled man who believes in the power of sharing wisdom and seeing others succeed.

According to Bright Scope, it’s no surprise that Richard Blair Wealth Solutions comes from a family of educators. Not only were his mother and grandmother teachers, but his wife also. Growing up, he surely realized the power of knowledge and the gift of passing it on.

He has an unquestionable knack for navigating the financial world, and has built a life around using his knowledge for the greater good.