On Halloween, everyone in Hollywood seems to get in on the festivities. However, what nobody ever talks about is how hot those costumes are to wear. Today, one talk show host found out just how steamy these costumes are. Wendy Williams was dressed as the Statue of Liberty on her hit show.

The 53-year-old was wearing a Caesar Galindo costume, which was complete with a long sequin dress, matching gloves, a green wig, and a sparkling crown. The weight of the outfit, and the heat from the lights on the set is said to be what triggered her fainting spell.

It all happened during an interview with Jerry O’Connell. The celebrity made it through 48 minutes of the broadcast without issue. She was supposed to appear from behind a plastic podium to kick off the contest for Halloween costumes. O’Connell noticed that Williams wasn’t doing her part. She was sitting behind the podium and wobbling back and forth.

The actress was swaying back and forth while stumbling her words. It was apparent to everyone that she was disoriented, and something was going on. The camera crew quickly cut the broadcast and went to a commercial break. By the time they stopped filming, Williams had passed out on the floor.

Thankfully, she quickly recovered. After a six-minute commercial break, she was back on the air. She told everyone that she was suffering from extreme heat from the gear she was wearing. However, she stated that she was a champ and that the show will go on. Crew members noted that Williams was complaining before the show began that Halloween was not her holiday. She didn’t like being dressed up or celebrating anyway. Seems like she should have gone with her gut instincts rather than what everyone thought the public wanted to see.