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Doe Deere

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Doe Deere is the beautiful and vibrant CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics who was born in Russia and was raised in the city that never sleeps, New York City.  As an entrepreneur, Doe went back and forth with herself about the idea of launching Lime Crime. In 2004 is when Doe Deere played with the idea of branding herself when she registered a new Ebay account where she got the chance to model everything herself for her Diy fashion line. Inspired by her favorite color and her opportunity to create and wear very bright and bold lipsticks, nail polishes, and eyeshadows that she felt was hard to come by,she decided to take her love for makeup and bold colors to the next level.

In 2008 is when Doe Deere created and launched her very own line of cruelty free cosmetics that we are all so crazy about. Doe usually starts off her days by having different meetings with her creative director, president, vice president, chemist and COO, all working together to ensure that the products are cruelty free, bold, unique and fun. Understanding the convenience of purchasing online, she began to market by taking pictures of her product not on a sheet of white paper, but on actual lips, so that women can get a feel of the actual color and look of the product on a woman.

Although Doe faced a very unfortunate breach in her security system in 2014, Doe did not let her bring her business and her love and support from her customers all the way down. It was then that she realized she needed to make some very beneficial changes to gain her customers trust while pulling what she worked so hard for back together, and that she did! She made her business stronger than ever by bumping up the security and hiring more staff to tend to her customer base. Doe has proven herself to be quite a caring person from her love for her customers to her love for animals. She has three cats and faithfully donates to an animal rescue shelter called Bide-A-Wee, which is a no-kill an animal shelter located in New York that helps shelter dogs and cats that have been left abandoned.


Doe Deere’s Path to Success

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Doe Deere knows what it takes to be successful in the world of business. She built her Lime Crime company from the ground up over a decade ago and it still continues to thrive today. This article will discuss the humble beginnings of this unique entrepreneur and how she made it to the top of the ever-changing online beauty industry.

Doe immigrated from Russia to the United States at the tender age of 17. She landed right in the heart of New York City and was initially apart of a music band. She has considered herself to be “imaginative and ambitious” and becoming a musician had always been a big dream of hers. However, as fate would have it, the beauty industry would eventually take over her heart and lead her to create the infamous Lime Crime makeup brand that you know and love today. She has stated that her musical beginnings paved the way for her future success by teaching her marketing and appreciation for an audience.

Doe Deere was fortunate enough to meet her future husband and business partner in her former band. She has stated that the two work exceptionally well together.

The Russian native has plenty of words of wisdom to share regarding success and following your dreams. She has stated that it is always important to follow your heart and believe in your gift. Each person has a unique quality about them that no one else possess. She once felt as though no one else shared her thinking or her vision, but that proved to be untrue when her Lime Crime line was launched and received a massive following.

Lime Crime was born in the fall of 2008. Doe found a void in the makeup industry for bright and “in your face colors” that she deeply loved. She states that the makeup she liked was almost impossible to find because everyone was geared towards more natural products. Doe took action and started formulating her colorful lipsticks and eyeshadows. She became thrilled with the younger girls that gravitated towards her through pictures on her Instagram and other social media websites. Through discovering this niche, Lime Crime was become a highly profitable business venture.

She has stated that Lime Crime is an expression of herself and hopes it will do the same for others like her.

Doe Deere adoringly refers to her followers as “Unicorns” or individuals unafraid to be themselves.

For more updates, follow Doe Deere on Twitter.

Doe Deere: Makeup as Self Expression

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It’s bright, bold, and even animal-friendly. And yet it’s even more than that – Lime Crime Cosmetics is freedom, and a way for women to express themselves to the world. Founder and CEO Doe Deere envisions her cosmetics line as so much more than a way to cover imperfections. And yes, lime is her favorite color.

Born in Russia, but raised in the Big Apple, Doe Deere has created a cosmetics company with a growing international fan base. Her dream? Lipsticks, nail polish, and shadows that are so bright that they should be banned. Her idea was part inspiration, part necessity. She couldn’t find the bright, unusual colors that she wanted to wear.

The young CEO is very excited about the growing trend of purchasing cosmetics online. Women are becoming more and more comfortable ordering makeup via the internet, and sales are shifting away from traditional brick and mortar stores. In fact, Lime Crime pioneered the “on-lip” lipstick swatch, which allows women to see lipstick as it would appear on the lips instead of on a blank piece of paper. This concept is now a standard in the industry.

Deere also encourages others to ‘trust your gut’. It’s something she relies on over and over again. She treats her employees, vendors and customers with love and respect – a strategy that she attributes her growth and success to.

Looking for a break-out business idea? Doe Deere would love to see someone start a shoe company that features the bright, feminine kind of footwear that she wants to wear.

The cosmetics mogul regularly donates to an animal-rescue organization named Bide-A-Wee. This no-kill shelter rehabilitates and finds loving homes for cats and dogs in New York. In fact, she owns three cats of her own.

They met in a rock band years ago, and have been going strong ever since. She credits him with being the most influential person in her life. What’s next for Doe Deere and Lime Crime? The sky’s the limit.