The name Adam Milstein is vastly appended to the real estate business and philanthropy. Born in Israel to very loving and supportive parents, he had a strong passion for serving his nation in many ways. Therefore, he joined the IDF for service at the Yom Kippur War. Of course, being an Israeli, he was not only serving his people but also learning about the origin of his roots. Around 1981, he moved to the United States of America with his wife, Gila Milstein and two daughters.

Background Data

Being a visionary, Milstein did not just roam around in the United States of America. On the contrary, he joined school and delved into a course in business administration at the University of Southern Carolina. At the same time, he pursued a course in economics and business. Therefore, Adam Milstein was ripe to join like-minded individuals in job hunting and the likes. However, because he was smart and understood the real estate business alongside the various allocations of resources in different markets, Milstein joined Hager Properties where he started working as a sales agent. Of course, this was an entry job and he had the opportunity to elevate his career in many ways.

Real Estate Business

Being a private investment firm, Hager Properties manages various industrial as well as commercial properties in Southern Carolina. Also, it is involved in re-positioning real estate. With Adam Milstein in charge, he oversees financing, accounting in addition to positioning. After serving in the company for a few months, Milstein became a partner in the company.


Away from real estate and Adam Milstein’s contribution in the business, it is critical to highlight his input in philanthropy. For starters he was inspired to participate in a Jewish project called “maaser rishon,” from one of his colleague’s charitable actions. From that moment onwards, he became a huge contributor to the Jewish lifestyle. Later into the years of participating in this project, Milstein started a family foundation called the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.


From the family foundation, Milstein concentrated his efforts in the development of various Jewish organizations with the aim of strengthening the Israeli-American ties. Aside from that, he has been an author on Jerusalem post and he strives to use this channel to disseminate critical information regarding the values of Israelis and their passion when it comes to upholding their roots.