Before last weekend, writer and actress Michelle Wolf was not a household name. But within the space of about 20 minutes onstage at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, all of that changed. The 32-year-old’s gig started off normally, with her making a joke about the monkfish. However, it wasn’t long before her stinging monologue had raised some eyebrows around the room—and the world. During a recent appearance on NPR, Wolf reflected on her hilarious comments—and the drama that ensued following them. Although she joked that no one watches CSpan, her comments would give everyone a reason to tune in for days to come. As it stands now, her performance has already racked up over five million views on YouTube. With a whopping 80,000 “likes” on her monologue, it would appear that her comedy set hit a nerve with people watching.

And Wolf is not apologizing for her performance, which has been criticized by some in the media. The most controversial bit included a joke about White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders turning the ashes of her lies into smoky eye makeup. At the beginning of her set, Wolf noted that perhaps the organizers hadn’t done enough research on her as a comic. By the end, it seems as if perhaps they might agree with her. Although the dinner is notoriously stuffy, some audience members could be seen laughing hysterically, while others were tight-lipped, including the press secretary who was being lampooned.

With the eyes of the world now on her, it seems as though Wolf’s new comedy special is going to be a huge hit in the making. And now that she’s been interviewed by Fresh Air’s Terry Gross, Wolf is definitely among the pantheon of greats.